Brand Guidelines
For guidance on how to apply our brand guidelines, or for design requests, please contact

Brand imagery is the result of all the visual elements that represent a brand’s identity. Brand imagery is an opportunity to visually communicate with our potential customers, building trust and confidence over time with repeated exposure.


The second tier of imagery is the Illustrations. These are primarily used in the ad campaigns as well as cover images on our slide decks and documents.

Using illustrations allow us to communicate a message visually and can be tailored to suit the ad copy/message and then re-used elsewhere. We are growing the library of illustrations quickly and improving them based on the results of our marketing campaigns.
FullCircl product shot showing watchlist
FullCircl product shot showing watchlists
Company group view with FullCircl
Better Business Faster, FullCircl
Accelerated customer onboarding financial services Metro Bank
FullCircl financial services customer logos


We are currently working on creating animated visual assets for use in slide decks, on the website and in video ads and explainers. Watch this space!