Brand Guidelines
For guidance on how to apply our brand guidelines, for design requests, or high res versions of our logos please contact

The FullCircl Logo is our first point of identification; it's the symbol that customers use to recognise our brand. We want people to instantly connect the sight of our logo with the memory of what we do – and, more importantly, how it makes them feel.


Clear space
Allowing a minimum amount of clear space around the logo ensures visibility and clarity. It gives the logo room to breathe. The logo should be kept clear of other logos and design elements. To measure the amount of clear space required, use the space between the middle of the ‘F’ mark (Icon Logo) and the letter F in the word FullCircl as a guide. This means the larger the logo, the more clear space will be required around it.

Minimum size

The minimum acceptable size refers to the height of the logos. The minimum size is 15 mm high in print; 24 pixels high in digital; and 100 mm high in OOH.


When used on a white or light backgrounds, the logo should be the full colour variant which uses the green Icon Logo and text in Dark Green #002626. When used on a mid-value or dark / photographic background, the mono logo should be used in White #FFFFFF

Full Colour

Use the preferred full colour brand logo wherever possible, this logo has our primary brand colour and is the most recognisable part of our brand.

1-Colour Options

The preferred 1-colour options are Dark Blue on light or white, and white on Dark or mid range colours. When placing the logo over photographic or close knit multi-coloured graphics please use the white version the logo.

Incorrect Usage

For both building brand awareness and protecting the trademark of our brand, it's important to retain consistent and correct use of our logos. In general, do not alter any of the logos in any way. The following examples illustrate just some of the possible misuses and simple rules to follow. These examples apply to both versions of the logo.
Don’t rotate or tilt the icon.
FullCircl typographic logo is not to be used without the icon
Do not use a 1-color logo in full-color production
Don’t alter the logo color.
Don’t stretch or distort the logo.
Don’t fill the logo with an image.
Don’t add a drop shadow to the logo.
Don’t change or alter logo typography.
Don’t use the logo within text.
Don’t alter the Icon
Always ensure significant contrast between the logo and background.
Do not fill in the icon with a different color.