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Customer lifecycle management by FullCircl. Find the right customer, accelerate onboarding, keep for life.
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Make better use of your time & money

Financial services providers are all competing for the best business customers. Most have invested in expensive frontline relationship teams or sophisticated digital channels – but the cost to acquire and serve continues to rise.

Higher customer expectations and increasing regulation can quickly make a profitable customer unprofitable. But what if there was a way to drive down the cost to acquire the best customers and anticipate their needs so your team is never on the back foot? Now, there is.

Build and maintain accurate ideal customer profiles in seconds, not days

Automate onboarding checks – AML, KYC, UBO and credit checks

Engage proactively as new risks and opportunities emerge

Orchestrate consumer identity verification with the W2 By FullCircl platform

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Customer Lifecycle Intelligence

Customer Lifecycle Intelligence puts the customer back in focus. Reduce the cost to acquire and serve by up to 80%, while providing your customers an experience that means they never look elsewhere.

Win the right customers

Find, engage and win the right customers for your business, products and risk appetite.

Accelerate onboarding

Fast, frictionless onboarding with automated AML, KYC and Credit checks that surpass both customer and compliance expectations.

Keep for life

Deliver proactive in-life customer care as new risks and opportunities emerge.

The benefits of
Customer Lifecycle Intelligence


more finance-ready leads

Empower your sales people to know who to call, when, and what to say. Our clients have increased the number of finance-ready leads by 300%, and seen an average order value rise by 50%.


less time reviewing financial statements

See the full picture and onboard faster with definitive information on the companies that matter to you. Deliver exceptional customer experiences while balancing risk and compliance.


faster client onboarding

Provide an onboarding journey that delights customers and strengthens compliance through a low-code rules engine to automate your policies and a joined up customer view.


increase in qualified opportunities

Leverage FullCircl’s Business Intelligence Graph (B.I.G)™ to identify and qualify opportunities quickly and confidently – speak to the right customers, at the right time, with the right message.

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Equip your teams with the insights they need to identify the right customers and stay one step ahead of risk challenges.


The insights you need to evaluate risk, streamline onboarding and accelerate client acquisition in a competitive FinTech market.


Sharpen your focus on the companies that fit your brokerage’s specialisms or Verticals.

B2B Professionals

Get definitive insights into your market and customers, so you can find high quality opportunities and close them faster.

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Why choose FullCircl?

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Over 600 FullCircl clients

700+ clients

Trusted by the most innovative companies in financial services

Insights on UK and Irish companies

Get on the
front foot

The richest and most up to date insight on UK and Irish companies

CMA9 institutions

Big bank

Supporting the UK’s leading banks, including 80% of CMA9 institutions

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Clients love us

A client-first ethos with an average 82% NPS, meaning more than 8 in 10  customers would recommend us.

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FullCircl guarantee

Our guarantee means we’re confident you’ll see value from the start.

We prove our value before you pay, so we know we’re right for each other

We train and support your team for life, so you get to value quickly – and stay there

We have the industry’s best Service Level Agreement (SLA), so we’re always accountable

Everything to gain and nothing to lose. So, what are you waiting for? Talk to us