W2 Global Data acquired by FullCircl

With expansive datasets and deep subject matter expertise in identity verification, W2 was a natural complement to FullCircl’s existing capabilities in corporate compliance and risk. FullCircl’s acquisition of W2 will enable further enhancements to FullCircl’s suite of applications and APIs, creating a unique end-to-end solution for companies seeking to embed insight on global consumer and corporate customers through acquisition, onboarding, and ongoing monitoring. 

Read about how W2 and FullCircl are transforming the future of customer onboarding.

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Discover the benefits of W2 by FullCircl

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Onboard more customers

Perform a range of identity verification checks automatically and reap the rewards of onboarding customers in seconds.

Develop a custom workflow

Work with our onboarding team to craft a custom workflow powered by a market leading orchestration engine.

Comply with regulatory requirement

Stay ahead of changing regulation and secure the reputation of your business whilst satisfying your risk appetite.

One-stop-shop for due diligence

Keep your developers happy with a single RESTful API integration providing access to 400+ global identity verification services.

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Find the balance between customer and regulator expectations

Customers now expect access to services quicker than ever before. With increasing pressure from customers to complete slick onboarding coupled with rising expectations from regulators, businesses must find the balance between keeping customers and regulators happy.

How W2 Global Data Helps

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Enable frictionless consumer onboarding with W2’s fully automated global eKYC data checks. Reduce customer drop-offs by offering an efficient and compliant onboarding journey. Implement failover and waterfall functionality to give your customers the best opportunity to complete onboarding with a single check.

Learn more about our KYC software

Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Unify global sanctions, Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), watchlist, and adverse media data through a single access point. Prevent money laundering at initial onboarding, through ongoing monitoring, and at point of payment transactions.

Learn more about our AML screening tool

Document Verification with Facial Comparison

Provide a faster onboarding journey for your customers and keep them engaged in a smooth end-to-end process, verifying their identity in real-time against over 6000 global identity documents matched against a liveness check.

Learn more about our identity verification software

Know Your Business (KYB)

Gain access to real-time, official company filings from over 110 million entities in over 160 jurisdictions and ensure compliance with current and future AML directives. Reduce onboarding time of corporate customers with instant access to reports via a seamless API integration.

Learn more about our KYB software


Ensure customer data is always up to date

Whilst performing due diligence on a customer at onboarding is a critical step in the compliance process, businesses now must conduct routine re-screening of customers to ensure that nothing has changed which could impact the working relationship. With customer bases continually growing, finding an efficient method to re-screen customers securely is integral.

How W2 Global Data Helps

Ongoing Monitoring

Once your customer is onboarded, W2 can perform routine scheduled screening to ensure the risk to your business has not increased. Frequency of screening, matching thresholds, and alerts can be fully customised, giving you complete control.

Case Management

Create a single customer view and build a full history of your customers, enabling simple management of customers throughout their lifecycle. W2’s case management functionality transforms the method of data consumption, empowering you to link onboarding and monitoring in a fully automated real-time journey.

Advanced Reporting

Access reporting in a single dashboard through W2’s online portal. Presenting you with an easily digestible snapshot report of monitoring, how many alerts were generated, and providing the means to remediate alerts before they can negatively impact your business.

FullCircl Business Information Graph (B.I.G.) for continuous monitoring

One platform built for all-in-one compliance

Finding a platform to enable businesses to perform complete due diligence has become increasingly important. Avoiding the headaches associated with multiple integrations and supplier contracts saves time, money, and minimises risk whilst not sacrificing a dependable compliance stack.

How W2 Global Data Helps

Single API Integration

Want to onboard customers at a high volume and efficiently? Use W2’s single REST API integration to connect your system to ours for automatic customer verification. By integrating to W2’s single API, access 400+ services which can be turned on and off at the switch of a button to make sure your compliance stack always stays agile.

Read our developer documentation

Ad-hoc Checks

Just need something simple to get going? Our online portal allows you to verify your customers by entering their information on an easy-to-use online form. From start-up to scale-ups, W2’s quick search functionality is the easiest way to start performing identity verification without having to invest in technical integration.

CRM Integration

Manage your customers’ compliance lifecycle directly within your Salesforce CRM. Designed to provide you with a single view of your customers, not just whilst onboarding but throughout every stage of the customer lifecycle. Link your due diligence directly to Salesforce records to improve auditability and enrich your CRM environment.

White Label

Access a custom branded identity verification platform, avoiding the headache of building your own platform and dealing with multiple suppliers. Conduct identity verification checks from 20+ suppliers ensuring compliance with stringent regulation and efficient customer onboarding.


Integration simplified, innovation amplified

Choose your fit with an array of low-code and no-code integration options tailored to your use case, and elevate efforts to identify & acquire, verify & onboard, and retain & grow

Our services

We enable 700+ businesses to build trust with customers and prevent non-compliance


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W2 provides our global eKYC expertise, ensuring that our Know Your Customer processes meet the same robust level of scrutiny as traditional offline checks of identification.

David Jarmusz
Compliance Officer

Working closely with W2 throughout the integration process, we began to think differently about how we should approach customer onboarding and how we could get the best out of our platform.

Louise Hill
Chief Operating Officer

With W2 providing our AML screening and monitoring solution for our company, we can identify potential risks faster and take remedial action whilst reducing unnecessary false positives.

Geoff Maggs
Director of AML
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Why choose FullCircl?

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600+ clients

Trusted by the most innovative companies in financial services

Get on the
front foot

The richest and most up to date insight on UK and Irish companies

Big bank

Supporting the UK’s leading banks, including 80% of CMA9 institutions

Clients love us

A client-first ethos with an average 82% NPS, meaning more than 8 in 10  customers would recommend us.

Country coverage

Our identity verification service encompasses data from around the globe. Wherever you plan to grow your business, rest assured FullCircl has you covered.
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Ready to see W2 by FullCircl in action?

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In 2023 FullCircl acquired W2 Global Data Solutions. Find out more below about what the acquisition means for our customers and the market.

Why did FullCircl acquire W2 Global Data?

FullCircl aimed to strengthen its market position by integrating W2’s innovative suite of identity verification technology. The acquisition leads to an enhanced breadth of services for FullCircl to continue serving existing and new customers.

How will this acquisition benefit customers?

The acquisition of W2 Global Data by FullCircl will bring enhanced product features, improved service quality, and a broader range of solutions, thanks to the combined expertise of FullCircl and W2.

Will you keep investing in W2 products?

FullCircl is committed to developing W2's platform and ensuring that the joint offering includes all of the features that both FullCircl and W2 customers love. The product and engineering teams are already hard at work creating a joint roadmap to best support clients.

What happens to existing contracts with W2 clients?

All existing contracts with W2 clients have been honoured, and FullCircl are working diligently to maintain the highest standards of service which W2 clients have been used to.

Did the acquisition align with FullCircl’s strategic goals?

Acquiring W2 Global Data aligns with FullCircl’s strategy to foster innovation, expand market reach, and deliver comprehensive solutions aligned to evolving industry and customer needs.

Will the W2 brand continue to exist?

The W2 brand will exist within the FullCircl group. The W2 Global Data team has worked tirelessly over the last decade to build a reputable profile in their chosen industries and FullCircl is committed to maintaining that brand whilst enhancing the offering to better serve the collective customer base.