"Over recent years, operators have been urged to review and update their policies, procedures and controls for combating money laundering considering the latest guidance when issued by the various gambling regulations. With W2 (by FullCircl) providing our AML screening and monitoring solution, we can identify potential risks faster and take remedial action whilst reducing unnecessary false positives."

Geoff Maggs
Director of AML
Industry Challenge

Non-intrusive financial risk affordability checks

Satisfy your player protection and safer gambling needs by combining 50+ data sources from multiple feeds at individual, demographic, and geographic level. Built to provide as clear a picture as possible without intruding into the customer journey, FullCircl empowers gambling operators to gain insight into affordability indicators to protect players, comply with regulation, and avoid potential fines and reputational damage.

How it works

Public data

The first aspect of our financial risk solution aggregates information on publicly available data on your players. It includes indicators such as bankruptcy, Individual Voluntary Agreements (IVA), and County Court Judgements (CCJ).

Third-party data

Moving into more complex data, the second indicator level begins to allow you to paint a better picture of your players to understand if there's a risk of problem gambling. Information covers loan applications in the last 30 days, property flags, and income verification.

Self-declared data

The final indicator level gives the most complex information about your players, enabling you to make informed decisions around safer gambling intervention. Various vulnerability indicators are included alongside reasons for latest loans, monthly income, and more.

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Template appendix for FRA and FVC checks

FullCircl has teamed up with leading gambling consultant Luke ARC to show operators what the new requirements for Financial Risk Assessment and Financial Vulnerability Checks might look like in policy format. Access this free resource today to get ahead of the curve when preparing for new regulation.

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Why FullCircl

At FullCircl, we understand the continued industry focus on player protection and the reservations the industry has on how new regulation might spoil the player experience. That's why we enable your business to move fast. Really fast. Whether it's automated data collection, conducting critical checks to ensure compliance, or growing advocacy through frictionless onboarding and support, we give you everything you need to succeed. The best part? We offer all of this through a single Customer Lifecycle Intelligence platform.

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