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The insights you need to evaluate risk, streamline onboarding and accelerate client acquisition in a competitive FinTech market.

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Secure growth, meet competitive advantage

So you’ve developed the perfect product or service. You’ve secured funding. Now what?
There are still barriers to scale that will prevent you from growing securely, or staying ahead of your competition. That’s where FullCircl comes in.

Go beyond compliance to surface the unique insights you need to see the full picture of any business in the UK and Ireland. Identifying the right customer, assessing their risk and providing seamless onboarding can be unlocked in an instant.

To help with rising regulation and increased customer expectations, FullCircl and W2 Global Data have merged to provide the next generation of identity verification for the FinTech market.

Fintech customer acquisition
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Identify the right customers

Quickly identify opportunities from companies similar to your existing client base with a simple, consolidated view of your entire ecosystem.

Our Business Information Graph (B.I.G.) connects billions of data points every day – meaning you can access key information, such as financial records and company contacts, to define your addressable market in minutes.
In short: no more guesswork, costs are kept under control and efficiency is maximised. Simple.

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Radically transform your onboarding

One look at the market shows competition has never been fiercer. Banks are elevating customer experience to a strategic play, and Big Tech is moving in. So where does that leave you? Through real-time intelligence, you empower your team with the right story around a customer – not their life story.

With FullCircl's API, trustworthy insights are embedded straight into your workflow, while manual tasks like company research are eliminated. As a result, your onboarding journey is streamlined and customer acquisition costs are reduced without ever compromising on risk.

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Client onboarding risk assessment
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Balance opportunity and risk

You’ve assessed the risk of a customer, and you’ve streamlined their onboarding journey. Your responsibilities don’t end there. FullCircl enables you to continually monitor your customers throughout the lifecycle to ensure you’re one step ahead of any changes that may impact your risk engine or present a new opportunity.

As market shifts occur, you remain one step ahead and able to deepen your investment, offer new services or broaden your cover – free from risk, and at a far lower cost.

Become digital future ready

Find out how Customer Lifecycle Intelligence can help every bank & financial institution become digital future ready

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Find the right customers for your business, products and risk appetite.​

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