How Soldo leverages FullCircl to increase match rates by 20%

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The Customer

Soldo is an expense management platform combining secure company cards with a powerful business spend management platform.

The Challenge

To onboard and screen more customers to support rapid growth ambitions into new geographic markets.

The Solution

A scalable, self-service, fully compliant onboarding solution. Designed to reduce risk by ensuring Soldo only onboards legitimate customers.

The Benefits

Improved regulatory compliance. Improved customer screening. Onboarding more customers, faster. Supported entry into new markets.

"Through our partnership with W2 (by FullCircl), we've built a scalable self-service onboarding solution. The broad access to data empowers instant approval of applicants and delivers the high level of regulatory oversight needed to support entry into new markets".

Darren Upson
VP Small Business
Industry Challenge

Balancing regulation and customer satisfaction

As growth in the payments industry continues on an upwards trajectory, naturally the tightening of regulation and increased risk follows. The digital payments industry is built to provide customers with a seamless experience from account opening and beyond. How can payments businesses best manage increased regulation with rising customer expectations? Luckily for you, FullCircl has the answers.

How FullCircl Helps 

Automated customer onboarding

Enables frictionless customer onboarding with fully automated KYC, AML & anti-fraud, KYB, and document verification in 160+ countries. Reduce customer drop-offs by offering an efficient and compliant onboarding journey and detect fraud and money laundering without impacting the speed of account opening.

Ongoing monitoring

Once your customer is onboarded, FullCircl can perform routine scheduled screening to ensure the customer risk to your business has not increased. Frequency of screening, matching thresholds, and alerts can be fully customised, giving you complete control.

Seamless integration

By integrating to FullCircl’s single API, access 400+ services which can be turned on and off at the switch of a button to make sure your compliance stack always stays agile. Just need something simple to get going? Our online portal allows you to verify your customers by entering their information on an easy-to-use online form.

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How can financial institutions blend digital and human successfully

FullCircl teams up with nCino and 30 leaders from across the financial institutions space to discuss how digital banks and payments businesses can embed a blended approach; one that strikes the balance between automation and human interaction.

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Why FullCircl

At FullCircl, we understand the difficulty in finding a platform that can balance revenue generation and regulation. That's why we enable your business to move fast. Really fast. Whether it's automated data collection, conducting critical checks to ensure compliance, or growing advocacy through frictionless onboarding and support, we give you everything you need to succeed. The best part? We offer all of this through a single Customer Lifecycle Intelligence platform.

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