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How can financial institutions blend digital and human successfully

How can financial institutions blend digital and human successfully

Over three-quarters of SMEs (78%) agree that a digital transformation in banking needs to be balanced with a human element. But almost six in ten SMEs (58%) believe that whilst digital transformation in banking has resulted in cost savings for the banks themselves, the customer experience has suffered as a result.

On 2nd February 2023, FullCircl and nCino hosted an interactive roundtable discussion with 30 banking leaders on how digital banks can embed a blended approach; one that strikes the right balance between automation and human interaction.

What you'll learn:

Overcoming legacy
The biggest challenge when embarking on digital transformation in banking
Frictionless client onboarding
Why a smooth onboarding process can be a key differentiator
Importance of Relationship Managers
Empowering relationships managers with enabling technologies
A way forward
Investing in the right technology at the right stage of the customer lifecycle

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