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Choose your fit with an array of low-code and no-code integration options tailored to your use case, and elevate efforts to identify & acquire, verify & onboard, and retain & grow.

What is the FullCircl API?

The FullCircl API has been designed to provide access to our comprehensive insights and real-time data, enabling you to integrate company intelligence directly into your system and workflow based on your needs.

Identify & Acquire

API integration

Expertly designed low-code integration to facilitate effortless workflow orchestration through record creation and population, automated customer due diligence, and ongoing monitoring and data maintenance.

Form pre-population

Pre-populate forms and enrich applications by automatically retrieving customer information, making the application experience more robust and accurate.


Easily pre-qualify leads using real-time data and automated, rule-based checks, ensuring that only qualified leads proceed.

IDV orchestration

Incorporate global KYC, AML, document verification, and anti-fraud checks into your onboarding processes, providing your customers with a seamless journey whilst remaining compliant.

Credit monitoring

Enhance credit monitoring with real-time access to credit information to monitor and manage credit risk effectively.

Unique single API key

Enable changes to services or configuration without having to re-integrate, keeping technical involvement low and flexibility high.

Verify & Onboard

FullCircl Platform

The no-code FullCircl platform is the easiest way to consume our services without having to invest in technical integration. Identify growth opportunities based on your ICP, perform ad-hoc verification checks, and easily store your data with a centralised view.

Create watchlists

Utilise hundreds of filtering and search options to find your ICP by tapping into data on over 6 million entities in the UK and 365 million entities worldwide.

Export data

Easily export your watchlists, saved searches, or company information into a csv file to share internally or upload to your CRM.

Follow companies

Track the companies that matter to you and receive email updates on financial, employee, or credit changes.

Quick Search

Perform real-time KYC, AML, and identity verification checks to verify consumers instantly and review all returned results securely in the platform.

No development

Plug-and-play to hundreds of services and 40+ data suppliers with no technical development work required.

Audit trail

Keep all customer data secure with a full audit trail of checks performed to ensure regulatory standards and upheld.

Features 2

Additional integration methods

Platform or API integration not what you're looking for? Why not try our additional integration methods designed to keep digital transformation efforts on track without the technical or training overheads.

Customer lifecycle management

CRM integration

Manage your FullCircl intelligence directly within your CRM environment to improve efficiency, service parity, and access real-time risk analytics.

Customer engagement metrics

Software development kit

Available specifically for document verification with facial comparison, this integration method includes branding and design for your business.

FullCircl customer promise

White Label

Access a custom branded identity verification platform, avoiding the headache of building your own platform and dealing with multiple suppliers.

"The chief advantage for the onboarding team of using FullCircl has been efficiency. Whereas before they relied on manual data gathering, either via Companies House, creating reports or having clients fill in forms, they can now pull the information they need instantly and verify it.

Kate Ives
Consultancy Services Director, Hedron

"FullCircl offered the opportunity to build a more focused customer intelligence approach - find more customers, engage with them in a highly relevant way, and acquire them faster for an accelerated growth journey."

Anthony Heywood
Head of Marketing, PIB Group

"We looked at a range of KYC providers across the UK, Europe, and US, but we selected W2 [by FullCircl] for several reasons. They has the right approach for quick and easy setup, and importantly they offered a wide range of KYC checks as well as the functionality to scale up more features as we expand our offering and range of services in the future."

Glenn Smith
CEO & Founder at Roqqett
BT logo

"BT Local Businesses have generated 7047 new opportunities in the last 12 months with a sales opportunity of £35.1m directly attributable to the insights delivered by FullCircl."

Paul Evans
Regional Director at BT

"Over recent years, operators have been urged to review and update their policies, procedures and controls for combating money laundering considering the latest guidance when issues by the various gambling regulations. With W2 [by FullCircl] providing our AML screening and monitoring solution, we can identify potential risks fasters and take remedial action whilst reducing unnecessary false positives."

Geoff Maggs
Director of AML at Entain

"Through our partnership with W2 [by FullCircl] we've built a scalable self-service onboarding solution. The broad access to data empowers instant approval of applicants and delivers the high level of regulatory oversight needed to support our entry into new markets."

Darren Upson
VP of small Business at Soldo

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