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How Partners& generated £1.8 million ROI on its FullCircl SmartBroker + Acturis investment

The Customer

Partners& is one of the UK’s leading insurance businesses, offering a broad range of insurance solutions to a wide selection of industries.

The Challenge

To generate meaningful opportunities for growth, by surfacing rules and data insights within FullCircl and integrating them into Acturis.

The Solution

An API-powered integration between Acturis and FullCircl’s SmartBroker, delivering next-generation data enrichment proven to drive growth, improve decisioning, and enhance compliance.

The Benefits

Partners& rolled out FullCircl + Acturis in November 2023, and just two months later saw a £1.8 million/ 55x return on investment (ROI).

FullCircl offered the opportunity to build a more focused customer intelligence approach - find more customers, engage with them in a highly relevant way, and acquire them faster for an accelerated growth journey.

Anthony Heywood
Head of Marketing - Retail Speciality Division
Industry Challenge

Prepare for the Consumer Duty

Aiming to set a higher and clearer standard of protection, the Consumer Duty requires brokers to put their customers' needs first. Whilst the initiative is set to boost industry confidence, it adds a layer of complexity for brokers and additional time and costs associated with fair value assessments. By adopting a data-driven approach with FullCircl SmartBroker, you can proactively monitor these significant changes to regulation.

How FullCircl Helps 

Prospect with precision

Gain a complete view of the markets that matter to you, segmented by the attributes of your most profitable customers.

Data-driven insights to tailor outreach

Real-time news insights will give you the right things to say at the right time and help become a trusted advisor to your clients.

Increase client retention

Don't get blindsided by significant changes to your client's business and risk portfolio at renewal. Be alerted to changes to help mitigate risk sooner.

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FullCircl SmartBroker & Acturis forge a path in digital era

This step-by-step guide will help you maximise the value of our SmartBroker service, helping you identify & acquire the right customers, verify & onboard them faster while assisting with Consumer Duty requirements, and retain & grow your existing portfolio to maximise revenue.

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Why FullCircl

At FullCircl, we understand the challenges the insurance industry is facing around evolving consumer needs, compliance obligations, and economic conditions. That's why we enable your business to move fast. Really fast. Whether it's automated data collection, confidently targeting the right customers, conducting critical checks to ensure compliance, or growing advocacy through frictionless onboarding and support, we give you everything you need to succeed. The best part? We offer all of this through a single Customer Lifecycle Intelligence platform.

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