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Acturis + FullCircl SmartBroker Integration

We understand that acquiring new business and retaining clients are two of the most important aspects for any broker. That’s why we’ve developed Smart Broker, which provides the information you need to succeed.  

Smart Broker empowers brokers with rich, contextualised company information on every business in the UK and Ireland and increases sales distribution capacity. By leveraging data-driven insights, brokers can identify new opportunities and build strong, long-term relationships that drive growth and revenue.

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FullCircl SmartBrokerTM + Acturis

A connected solution for brokers, insurers and MGAs providing meaningful opportunities to drive growth​

Acturis and FullCircl are working together to provide users with rich ​contextualised and connected company information. We firmly believe that organisations thrive when equipped with robust data resources, and this integration paves the way for enhanced accessibility to data enrichment tools to our userbase. After just two months of usage, one early integration partner is already forecasting:  Total ROI value of £1.78m or 54.8x spend, £497,000 potential new Premiums in the first two months thanks to flags raised via screening and tracking plus time savings equivalent to hiring two new FTEs.

Customer lifecycle management

Identify and win new customers

Using SmartBroker, build a list of companies that match your key prospecting criteria before uploading to your Acturis platform using the Automation ​module.​

Customer engagement metrics

Get company news and insights as ​it happens

Understand the full story behind every ​business with daily updates centred​ around your interests, allowing you to ​identify business opportunities and​ assess risk accordingly.​

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Populate Fields and Forms in​ Acturis

Save hours of re-keying by automating customer data collection from validated and verified sources like mainstream CRA’s, Companies House and the HMRC.​

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Run screening and onboarding​ checks

Automate processes to streamline your pre-qualification screening and onboarding journey for customers.​ Free up the time you need to accelerate growth and reduce​ customer acquisition costs.

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Track company events​

Monitor a company’s progress and​ proactively track changes that might ​impact the associated risk and opportunities in real time throughout​the customer lifecycle based on your ​predefined rules.​

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Client-facing overview

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FullCircl SmartBroker & Acturis forge a path in digital era

This step-by-step guide will help you maximise the value of our SmartBroker service, helping you identify & acquire the right customers, verify and onboard them faster while assisting with Consumer Duty requirements, and retain & grow your existing portfolio to maximise revenue.

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Primary vs Secondary User Features

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Primary User

New Business Revenue Producer

Secondary User

Account Handlers and Middle Office Professionals


Acturis User – FullCircl Primary / Secondary Users

Acturis User – FullCircl Disabled

Add Contact to Acturis

Add Contact to Acturis with FullCircl Lookup

View and Maintain Contact records in Acturis

Add Directors to Acturis Contact

Add Directors to Acturis Contact with FullCircl Lookup

View and Maintain Directors (of a Contact) in Acturis

View Company News Panel

View External Records Screen

Enrich existing Contact with FullCircl Lookup

Enrich existing Directors with FullCircl Lookup

Track and Untrack a Contact

View Tracking Notifications in Acturis

Run Screening

View Screening Flags

Access FullCircl to Complete Screening

With SmartBroker login

Access FullCircl to Download Screening PDF

With SmartBroker login

Bespoke News Filtering

With SmartBroker login

Prospect List Building

With SmartBroker login

Sector/Market News Intelligence

With SmartBroker login

Bulk upload your watchlists

With SmartBroker login
Please contact acturis@fullcircl.com should you have any questions on features or pricing.

BIBA Facility: 
Members Offer

25% discount off list price

Attractive multi-seat bundles

Dedicated account team

CPD accredited broker specific training

Super Fast

  • Full access to the FullCircl Academy
  • Self-learning on the FullCircl Platform
  • Help working with Small businesses​
  • Support with understanding financial accounts​
  • Guidance on identifying potential underinsurance within your portfolio
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Discover the benefits of SmartBroker

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Client acquisition at scale

Get a complete view of the markets that matter to you, segmented by the attributes of your most profitable clients.

Data-driven insights to tailor outreach

Receive insights about key changes to your prospects and clients, allowing you to provide relevant support and guidance, and be a trusted advisor to your clients.

Prepare better underwriting submissions

Use data-driven customer intelligence to eliminate knowledge gaps, ensuring comprehensive, full, and detailed submissions every time.

Increase client retention

Don’t get blindsided by significant changes to your client’s business and risk portfolio at renewal. Be alerted to changes to help mitigate risks sooner and increase client profitability.

“We’re delighted to be the first network to take advantage of the opportunities generated when two leading insurtech providers come together. FullCircl’s SmartBroker in combination with Acturis’ digital transformation platform will help our partner brokers identify new opportunities for growth and action them in the most agile way possible. This is an exciting development for Hedron, demonstrating that broker growth is in our DNA and that we’re willing to rewrite the rules and do things differently to help our partner brokers realise their ambitions.”

Duncan Pagan,
Consultancy Services Director, Hedron

"I am delighted to see the integration of Acturis and FullCircl being announced. As a partner of both firms, and a business committed to intelligent use of technology, we could see the natural synergy in this integration, and the potential added value for our business. I am pleased to have played a role in influencing the development of this valuable proposition for the broking community."

Phil Barton
CEO, Partners&

“FullCircl is helping Marsh Commercial achieve its vision by using technology to become a customer-centric organisation capable of delivering real competitive advantage.”

Anthony Gruppo
Marsh Commercial CEO

“FullCircl is different, it doesn’t just present you with static data, it gives you the ‘why’ factor – a legitimate reason to get in touch and build credibility.”

Amanda Duffield
Sales Director & Client Management, WTW

Ready to see SmartBroker + Acturis in action?

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