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"BT local business have generated 7,047 new opportunities in the last 12 months with a sales opportunity value of £35.1m directly attributable to the insights delivered by FullCircl."

Paul Evans
Regional Director, BT
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Our services

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How Santander reduced time to onboard 75% of complex customers

The Customer

Santander UK is a large retail and commercial bank based in the UK and a wholly-owned subsidiary of the major global bank Banco Santander.

The Challenge

Creating a fully digital onboarding process that uses third-party data to rapidly streamline customer experience while ensuring all the necessary KYB checks are performed.

The Solution

By connecting to FullCircl's API, the onboarding team can use live KYB information to pre-populate digital forms with full entity information for registered companies.

The Benefits

Reduced time to onboard 75% of complex customers from an average of 14-21 days, to 5 days.

Industry Challenge

Drive business growth and embrace digital transformation

Banks rely on customer data for risk assessment and personalised engagement but acquiring accurate information about new business customers can be challenging and time consuming. Manual collection of this data is no longer fit for purpose in the rapidly moving banking industry. With FullCircl SmartBanker, you can access all the information you need to build an effective picture of your ideal customers with automated insights.

How FullCircl Helps 

Advanced company prospecting

View company information on over 5 million companies in the UK, and over 365 million worldwide. Use our single platform to access data on financials, shareholders, group structure, UBOs, credit and risk.

Pre-qualification screening

By screening against risk policies at the start of the customer journey, relationship managers can address concerns likely to be flagged during onboarding. This saves time and cost and improves the customer experience by setting expectations early.

Automated company monitoring

Monitor changes in customer information, behaviour and circumstances to help you anticipate their needs, address potential issues, and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

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Why FullCircl

At FullCircl, we understand that banks are under pressure to meet customer expectations whilst balancing complex regulation. That's why we enable your business to move fast. Really fast. Whether it's automated data collection, confidently targeting the right customers, conducting critical checks to ensure compliance, or growing advocacy through frictionless onboarding and support, we give you everything you need to succeed. The best part? We offer all of this through a single Customer Lifecycle Intelligence platform.

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