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The FullCircl API creates a journey that reduces costs and delights your customers at the same time.

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Are you still ahead of your customers’ needs?

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No more abandoned applications

No more abandoned applications

Avoid asking too many questions during the onboarding process to avoid sharp drop off rates

Powerful augmentation

Stop wasting time with inaccuracies

Fill in the gaps with powerful augmentation and conflation impossible to access elsewhere

Customer onboarding simplified

Onboard the right customers, at pace

Instantly remove customers that don’t fit your risk appetite – and onboard those that do, faster

KYC, KYC and UBO Checks

Avoid complex KYC, KYB and UBO checks

Without seeing the connections in your data, compliance checks become complicated, time-consuming and costly

Start seeing the B.I.G. picture

FullCircl’s Business Information Graph (B.I.G)™ ingests billions of data points every day from a multitude of official and third-party sources.

We match and enrich this information to unlock the most accurate and contextualised view of every business in the UK and Ireland – giving you an up-to-the-minute view of what you need to know about an organisation, large or small.

FullCircl API Endpoints
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Integrate insights quickly

Your teams can access the tools they need to build, develop and innovate new services via the FullCircl API immediately.

Endpoints for crucial company information are readily accessible, covering everything from financials and ownership structure to credit risk, UBO and news insights.  

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Radically transform your onboarding

Eliminate manual tasks like company research with an API integrated directly into your workflow, operational systems or customer-facing websites.

Automate processes to streamline your onboarding journey for customers, while freeing up the time you need to accelerate growth, reduce customer acquisition costs and empower your team to accelerate transformation.

Onboarding simplified
Customer onboarding financial services
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Exceed your customers’ expectations

Create a seamless onboarding journey by auto-populating customer application forms with company information from official sources.

Cut onboarding times from weeks to minutes with a joined-up customer view, reducing time to value and delighting customers.

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Our unique and superior advantages

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FullCircl API Enpoints Documentation

Comprehensive documentation

Empower your developers with up-to-date endpoints through our world-class – and easily-integrated – RESTful API. Check out our docs

FullCircl B.I.G.

The B.I.G. technology

270m connections between companies, officers and shareholders, updated daily

Google Cloud Platform

Always up, always on

Powered by Google Cloud Platform, our cloud native architecture delivers an unrivalled 99.9%+ uptime, along with sub-second responses

Technical support

Technical support

Our knowledgeable team can offer help if you need it, ensuring you see value early and often


Get ahead of your customers with journeys that excite, delight and inspire loyalty

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