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"BT local business have generated 7,047 new opportunities in the last 12 months with a sales opportunity value of £35.1m directly attributable to the insights delivered by FullCircl."

Paul Evans
Regional Director, BT

How BT generates £1.4m per month thanks to FullCircl insights

The Customer

Essentially a franchise model, each BT Local Business sells exclusively to a predominantly SME customer base within their area.

The Challenge

With a £20bn market opportunity, BT wanted to empower BTLB to harness insight in an efficient way in order to realise great customer potential and generate sales.

The Solution

By integrating with BT's existing Salesforce CRM solution, FullCircl is augmenting firmographic data with real-time insights.

The Benefits

BTLB have collectively won 3,906 new opportunities and generated £16.7 million in revenue in the last 12 months, directly attributable to FullCircl.

Industry Challenge

Adopting digital transformation to enable growth

Uncovering fresh avenues for growth poses an ongoing challenge for businesses. To navigate this complex terrain effectively, a strategic approach to digital transformation is integral. FullCircl empowers corporates to pinpoint untapped potential. In the swiftly evolving business landscape, the reliance on legacy systems can serve as a blocker to adopting advanced technologies. With straightforward integration, you can transform customer acquisition and onboarding whilst actively avoiding integration headaches.

How FullCircl Helps 

Advanced company prospecting

View company information on over 5 million companies in the UK, and over 365 million worldwide. Use our single platform to access data on financials, shareholders, group structure, UBOs, credit and risk, and more.

Reasons to engage

Create a personalised list of key customers and understand which companies fit your ICP based on size, structure, and more to enable targeted outreach.

Enhanced accuracy

FullCircl combines data and mitigates inaccuracies by cross-referencing information and identifying inconsistencies, ensuring that decisions are based on accurate, up to date information.

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Design the ideal system for continuous compliance with FullCircl

The average onboarding process for a new corporate client can take up to 100 days. With emerging risks and new regulations, many institutions are rethinking their internal processes to ensure they provide customers with a smoother model.

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Why FullCircl

At FullCircl, we understand the rising pressure to perform targeted outreach and the rising difficulty of standing out in a saturated market. That's why we enable your business to move fast. Really fast. Whether it's automated data collection, confidently targeting the right customers, conducting critical checks to ensure compliance, or growing advocacy through frictionless onboarding and support, we give you everything you need to succeed. The best part? We offer all of this through a single Customer Lifecycle Intelligence platform.

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