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FullCircl SmartBroker & Acturis Forge a Path in the Digital Era

FullCircl SmartBroker & Acturis Forge a Path in the Digital Era

2024’s industry outlook from leading firms like EY, PWC, and Deloitte reveals consistent trends: emphasis on AI and Machine Learning, heightened Consumer Duty awareness, and a keen focus on organic growth strategies.

In response to these industry shifts, FullCircl introduces its latest innovation: the Acturis integrated SmartBroker. Powered by our proprietary rules engine, this cutting-edge functionality is tailor-made to elevate your client acquisition and retention endeavours. Notably, it stands poised to assist in fulfilling Consumer Duty obligations while empowering your growth strategies.

This step by step guide will help you maximise the value of our SmartBroker service, helping you Identify and Acquire the right customers, Verify and Onboard them faster while assisting with your Consumer Duty requirements, and Retain and Grow your existing portfolio while maximising your revenue.

"We're delighted to be the first network to take advantage of the opportunities generated when two leading insurtech providers come together. FullCircl's SmartBroker in combination with Acturis' digital transformation platform will help our partner brokers identify new opportunities for growth and action them in the most agile way possible." Duncan Pagan, Consultancy Services Director at Hedron

What you'll learn

What strategies early adopters such as Hedron and Partners& are using to retain and grow client portfolios.
Tips to maximise value from SmartBroker in Acturis to assist with Consumer Duty requirements.
How to identify and acquire the right customers at scale.
How to expedite verification processes and accelerate customer onboarding.

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Get your guide to the FullCircl SmartBroker x Acturis integration

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