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Discover our latest Summer product release
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Discover our latest Summer product release

We're excited to introduce you to FullCircl's latest product release.

We're excited to introduce you to our latest product release. This release includes integrating PEPs and Sanctions data, which brings a new dimension to risk management, enabling you to safeguard your business against potential threats effectively. The Experian Delphi Score upgrade delivers unparalleled credit risk assessments, empowering you to make confident lending decisions. With Experian data now available within our API, acquiring crucial data has never been more seamless.

More Engagement Signals: Improved monitoring solution

New credit and risk-based triggers provide alerts to changes in a customer's creditworthiness and risk profile. This proactive approach enables you to make informed decisions swiftly and mitigate potential risks.

ComplyAdvantage PEPs and Sanctions integration: Enhanced compliance and risk mitigation

Staying compliant with regulations is a paramount concern for Financial Institutes. With our latest product update, we have integrated ComplyAdvantage PEPs and Sanctions data to provide a powerful onboarding and risk management tool. Now, you can effectively screen individuals and entities against global sanctions lists and identify high-risk customers, ensuring your business stays one step ahead of potential risks.

1000s of sources contribute to the comprehensive global coverage of Sanctions, PEPs & Watchlists, resulting 70% reduction in false positives.

Experian Delphi Score upgrade: Better credit risk assessment

The Experian Delphi Score is renowned for its precision in assessing credit risk. The upgrade incorporates Experian's latest credit scoring advancements, providing even more accurate and insightful credit risk assessments. Allowing you to make informed decisions confidently, minimise risks, and optimise your lending processes.

Experian Credit data within our API: Seamless data integration

We’ve introduced Experian credit data within our API to streamline your acquisition and onboarding process. Seamlessly integrate up-to-date Experian datasets into your systems, applications, and workflows. The integration enhances your data-driven decision-making capabilities and saves precious data acquisition and processing time.

New API modules: Tailored for maximum efficiency

Recognising the needs of our clients, we have expanded our API offering with a range of new use-case-focused modules. Our API library now offers specific datasets that align perfectly with your business requirements to help acquire new business, accelerate onboarding, and keep customers for life. 

To explore our latest release, or learn more about our services, schedule a demo to see how these new features will empower your business through comprehensive data and actionable insights.

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