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How can banks blend digital and human for superior customer experience?
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How can banks blend digital and human for superior customer experience?

Commercial banking customers want the best of both worlds: robust, customer-centric digital experiences and trusted human advisors. But how can banks deliver both at scale and maintain a high level of personalisation?

Just like their retail peers, commercial banking customers have an expectation for robust, frictionless, customer-centric experiences that are omni and opti-channel. But, in the current environment, they also value the importance of human interaction. Commercial customers desire a trusted advisor as highly as they demand a slick digital experience. They want relationship managers to understand and respond to their unique needs, preferences, and risk profile at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Over three-quarters of SMEs (78%) agree that digital transformation of banking needs to be balanced with a human element. But almost six in ten SMEs (58%) believe that whilst digital transformation of banking has resulted in cost savings for the banks themselves, the customer experience has suffered as a result.

Banks must evolve their business model to meet new societal expectations and engage customers in highly dynamic environments.

So, how to differentiate?

Is digitisation transformation enough?

No, banks should not forget about the personal touch.

The challenge of course, is how to deliver the personal touch at scale, whilst simultaneously having a firm grasp on everything digital and delivering sophisticated, automated processes and always-on solutions.

As our Banking Success Director Lucy Huntley eloquently puts it: “A great personal experience certainly has technology at its heart. Banks need to harness technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning for better decisioning and delivering a personalised experience.”

What does a hybrid solution look like?

Our new report, in association with FinTech Futures, unpacks:

  • What the ideal hybrid solution looks like
  • How to balance technology and human in practice
  • What banks need technology to do
  • What technologies need to be involved at each stage of the customer lifecycle experience
  • Examples of good technology in practice

Banks can blend digital and human for superior customer experiences. Download our free report now to find out how.

How banks can blend digital and human for superior customer exprience

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