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80% Of All Prospecting is Generated Through FullCircl

The Customer

Leyton’s tax and technical experts help thousands of businesses each year to simplify their access to complex incentives and maximise their financial benefit.

The Solution

FullCircl was brought in to improve the quality of financial information sources and to uncover additional business opportunities from existing customers and contacts.

The Challenge

Ensuring prospecting data is accurate and up-to-date. Optimise the volume of won sales through more timely contact with prospects.

The Benefits

Increased the productivity of the prospecting team by reducing time spent on administration and faster time to revenue.

Client Acquisition
December 2023


Since 1997, Leyton has grown from a small Paris-based consulting firm into a global advisory network of 15 offices worldwide. Its services help organisations to quickly improve their global financial performance. In the UK, Leyton specialises in optimising R&D tax relief, HR advice and employment legal services to customers in the biotechnology, software, engineering and manufacturing industries.


increase in revenue return per-employee which FullCircl is a key contributor

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mins per day saved on average via CRM integration

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Leyton UK’s London-based team of 20 consultants and lawyers is supported by seven business development managers and 30 graduates who are responsible for prospecting and lead generation. These leads were previously sourced by attending events and relying on public data using Google, Companies House and other manual research processes.

Leyton UK has gradually replaced disparate prospecting methods with FullCircl. Now 80% of prospecting is done through this single, user-friendly platform.

For 20 out of 25 days per month, the graduate team use FullCircl’s live database of every business in the UK and Ireland to find, verify and monitor potential customers that match Leyton’s services.

Over 50+ smart filters search by industry sector, location by postcode and employee numbers for more accurate matching. In particular, the ability to search for all companies investing in R&D means staff can offer Leyton UK’s services to these innovators very early on. A recent campaign has significantly boosted its pipeline by identifying prospects who each offer a potential income of £20,000-£30,000 for Leyton UK.

Features such as ‘year-end clients’ further refine live prospect lists by highlighting companies that may require Leyton UK’s services in the near future so that timely contact can be made. Additional opportunities can be found by searching for the other business interests of entrepreneurs investing in Leyton’s customers.

These existing contacts are targeted where appropriate. And, because information is now shared across the company, duplicate activity is eliminated, ensuring customers are only contacted by one department.

FullCircl creates records for captured information in seconds. This is saving each graduate around 20 minutes per day, which they now spend talking to prospects and is resulting in one to two additional sales per day. Records are uploaded to Leyton’s Salesforce CRM through seamless integration from FullCircl and tagged for tracking progress through to contract, while simultaneously cleansing current CRM data.

In short, Leyton UK has seen productivity go up by 200% with revenue returns increasing by £60,000 per graduate. FullCircl is a key contributor to this.

FullCircl is very reactive and agile. It adapts to our needs and has grown with us over the past 10 years.

        Joshua Perry - Senior Partner, Leyton UK

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