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Consumer Duty at Close Brothers
December 4, 2023

Consumer Duty at Close Brothers

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According to recent research, 51% of brokers believe the benefits of the Consumer Duty do not outweigh the costs. So, FullCircl’s Insurance Success Director Ashleigh Gwilliam sat down for a fireside chat with Allen Seldon, Director of Product and Propositions at Close Brothers Premium Finance to discuss how brokers can embrace the Consumer Duty and start seeing it as an opportunity rather than simply another regulatory burden.

Watch now to find out how data can help brokers answer the FCA’s call to “raise their game” by:

  • Delivering slicker and more efficient processes
  • Dramatically improving the customer experience
  • Enriching the customer lifecycle with ease, clarity, individuality and trust
  • Always doing the right thing by the customer – fair value
  • Preventing underinsurance.
  • Ensuring compliance with the duty is not a 'one and done' exercise but a continuous outcome focussed strategy.

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