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Did you miss our recent BIBA webinar? Here’s a recap of what you need to know about the hidden power of company intelligence
October 5, 2023

Did you miss our recent BIBA webinar? Here’s a recap of what you need to know about the hidden power of company intelligence

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New research conducted on behalf of Insurance Post has revealed that brokers doubt their own data.    

This webinar was therefore a timely reminder - at a time when customer outcomes must always be front of mind - of the potential of company intelligence to drive sales, uncover underinsurance, and create seamless and compliant customer journeys.

Get confident with data

Ashleigh Gwilliam, FullCircl’s Insurance Success Director, was joined by BIBA’s Juliet Williams and over 200 brokers, for an exploration into the hidden power of company accounts and data to help brokers overcome their biggest challenges and harness new opportunities for meaningful growth.

The session covered:

  • Innovative techniques to pinpoint potential areas of exposure, underinsurance and coverage gaps within clients and prospects.
  • How to proactively provide products and services to meet demands and needs and maximise sales success.  
  • How to use financial data to deliver to offer well-informed advice.  
  • Unlocking opportunities to deepen consumer understanding, protect them from foreseeable harm, and assist with consumer duty requirements.  
  • Uncovering the valuable insights hidden within company accounts  

Want to know more?

The session was praised by attendees for exceeding their expectations. Providing both thought-provoking and fascinating insights into the value of company intelligence and its ability to acquire new business and build long-term client relationships.

You can view the recording, and access the slides here.

BIBA x FullCircl

FullCircl’s relationship with BIBA goes way further than insightful webinars.  

In August we launched our exclusive BIBA SmartBroker facility, hailed by BIBA as one of the most successful technology partnerships they’ve ever launched.

SmartBroker,, available to BIBA members at a special discounted rate, is a unique proposition designed to help brokers prospect with precision, deliver tailored outreach at scale, provide better underwriting submissions, increase client retention, and cultivate existing books of business efficiently and cost-effectively.  

Get in touch with Ashleigh for a demo. See for yourself how you can identify new opportunities that drive growth and revenue through advanced company intelligence.    

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