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Don’t get FOMO! There’s still time to join FullCircl on the BIBA tour
November 14, 2023

Don’t get FOMO! There’s still time to join FullCircl on the BIBA tour

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Since the 14th September the FullCircl team has been travelling the nation with BIBA, as they take their knowledge forum on an 11 region tour.  

A great networking opportunity and a chance to exchange views, these events really get to grips with the work BIBA is doing on behalf of members.  Discussions so far have included trending market issues and the biggest challenges facing brokers as we head into 2024, regulation including the Consumer Duty, and ESG.

A Smart Partnership

We’ve been delighted to showcase our exclusive BIBA SmartBroker facility, hailed by BIBA as one of the most successful technology partnerships they’ve ever launched.

SmartBroker,, available to BIBA members at a special discounted rate, is a unique proposition designed to help brokers prospect with precision, deliver tailored outreach at scale, provide better underwriting submissions, increase client retention, and cultivate existing books of business efficiently and cost-effectively.  

There’s still time to come along and find out more about BIBA x FullCircl and the benefits we can deliver to your business.  Join us on:

All visitors to the FullCircl stand will receive a free two-day trial of SmartBroker. See first-hand how you can identify new opportunities that drive growth and revenue through advanced data-driven insights.    

These events are free to BIBA members, and just £40.00 + VAT for all non-member brokers.  It’s an opportunity too good to miss.

We look forward to seeing you there.  

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