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FullCircl to sponsor BIBA Greater Manchester Annual Dinner in 2024
March 14, 2024

FullCircl to sponsor BIBA Greater Manchester Annual Dinner in 2024

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FullCircl is delighted to sponsor the BIBA Greater Manchester Annual Dinner 2024, as part of our continued commitment to supporting the UK's leading general insurance intermediary organisation as they lead regional brokers through times of change.

A partnership for the benefit of brokers

In 2024 we're keen to cement our partnership with BIBA, and build upon the foundations built in 2023 to assist it in promoting the interests of brokers and improving the industry as a whole.

The Greater Manchester and West Pennine Annual Dinner, BIBA's largest networking dinner outside of London, certainly promises to be an evening of great entertainment, great food, and great company.

It's also a great chance to experience how you can get smarter when it comes to acquiring new business and building long-term client relationships.

A smart event in every way

Get dressed up in your best black-tie regalia and meet the FullCircl team.

We cannot wait to tell you more about our exclusive SmartBroker facility for BIBA members. And how we've already equipped 40 out of the top 50 UK firms as well as many independent brokers with the data-driven insights they need to:

  • Prospect with precision
  • Deliver tailored outreach at scale
  • Provide better underwriting submissions
  • Increase client retention and cultivate existing books of business efficiently and cost-effectively
  • Maintain regulatory compliance

Will we see you there?

The dinner takes place on 14th March 2024 at the Hilton Manchester Hotel on Deansgate, in the heart of the city centre.

Please contact your Account Manager directly should you wish to attend.

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