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Having the Important Discussions at Transform Finance
March 23, 2023

Having the Important Discussions at Transform Finance

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On 23rd March 2023, our COO Justin Fitzpatrick took to the main stage of the Transform Finance Conference in London.  

Attended by senior leaders from traditional, digital, and challenger banks, as well as fintechs, industry bodies and regulators, this annual event, of which FullCircl is proud to be a premier partner, brings together the most important discussions in the financial services market.  

Over the course of the day, delegates discussed how banks must react to the needs of customers emerging from global challenges, key technology trends, the value of collaboration, and importantly the relationship between data, KYC, and technology in the banking industry. It was this key conversation that Justin tackled in his session…

Perpetual KYC – The Journey to a Digital Operation Model

Justin led delegates on a journey of how Customer Lifecycle Intelligence (CLI) can be leveraged to build a continuous compliance model, showcasing our partnership with nCino as a best practice case study.

FullCircl has partnered with nCino, the Banking Operating System built by bankers for bankers, to improve the speed, efficiency, and profitability with which banks acquire, onboard, and serve SME customers.

Justin discussed how CLI is changing the game when it comes to building a continuous compliance model that responds in the most agile way possible to the rapid pace of regulation, demanding customer expectations, and need for smoother onboarding.  All key objectives for SME banking, which remains an elusive opportunity due to the challenges of serving small- and medium-sized businesses both successfully and cost effectively.  

The key takeaway being the pressing need to go beyond standard KYC and AML practises to perpetual KYC, and how using automated data collection and execution of critical checks and processes banks can deliver improved onboarding, in-life experiences, proactive risk mitigation and reduced cost-to-serve.

Would you like to join this important discussion?

If you would like to find out more about FullCircl’s partnership with nCino or explore just how CLI can be leveraged to go beyond standard KYC and AML practices to achieve a perpetual KYC model, please get in touch with a member of our team.

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