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Insurance Trends 2023 in association with BIBA and FullCircl
January 26, 2023

Insurance Trends 2023 in association with BIBA and FullCircl

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London, January 26, 2023: Insurance Trends 2023 in association with BIBA and FullCircl

Deloitte recently suggested the insurance industry “needs to prioritise greater levels of experimentation and risk-taking”.

No wonder the BIBA manifesto for 2023 is “Rising to the Challenge” - demonstrating just how the insurance industry has done precisely that in recent times. But, let’s be honest, there are still challenges aplenty as we look ahead to the next 12 months.

As the saying goes - where there’s change, there’s opportunity. Unfortunately, as Thomas Edison once said: “Opportunity is missed by most people because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work”. So, together let’s make the discussion more interesting.

Not your average networking event

On 26th January we will host the latest instalment of our famed Ivy Lunch networking event series. Due to popular demand, we’ve actually outgrown the capacity of the Ivy itself, so this first lunch of 2023 will be hosted at The Ned, the iconic former Midland Bank building and now the City’s most exclusive private members club.

Most definitely not your average networking event, by joining us you will have the opportunity to be part of the discussion as over 70 handpicked senior leaders and influencers dive deep into the biggest challenges and opportunities impacting brokers in 2023. How inflation is further hardening the market, tackling the ever-present problem of underinsurance, and the impact of the Financial Services and Market Bill are just a few of the items on the agenda.

We are delighted to announce we will be joined by special guest speaker, Steve White, CEO of BIBA.  

And here’s the clincher - grasping the opportunity won’t feel like work at all, as you can expect heritage architecture, a unique setting, acclaimed seasonal dishes, and a world-class wine-list.

In addition to sensational networking and fine dining, by joining us you’ll receive free guides on the topics discussed, as well as market research on the state of the market gathered from over 100 insurance firms.

Join the discussion

This invitation-only event is highly popular, and space is already limited, so get in touch with me today to secure your place.

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