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London, February 2, 2023: Roundtable on how banks can blend digital and human successfully
February 2, 2023

London, February 2, 2023: Roundtable on how banks can blend digital and human successfully

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Over three-quarters of SMEs (78%) agree that a digital transformation of banking needs to be balanced with a human element. But almost six in ten SMEs (58%) believe that whilst digital transformation of banking has resulted in cost savings for the banks themselves, the customer experience has suffered as a result.

Digital banking is bringing many benefits to customers and financial institutions, such as smoother onboarding and reduction of risk, but if the pandemic taught us anything it’s the importance of human connection. The growth of digital banking has highlighted the enduring value of embedding human interactions within the customer lifecycle, and that even in a highly competitive market, and at a time when reducing cost to serve is vital, providing excellent customer service is still a key differentiator.

So how can banks invest in digital transformation in ways that streamline the customer experience without neglecting the need for that all-important human touch?  

We want to hear your views and experiences

FullCircl and nCino invite you to join us for an interactive lunchtime roundtable discussion on how digital banks can embed a blended approach, that strikes the right balance between automation and human interaction

You’re officially invited

Join us on Thursday 2nd February between 12.30pm and 2.30pm at 1 Lombard Street, an iconic venue where the city has met for lunch since 1998 in the beating heart of London's historic Square Mile. This roundtable will bring together 40 handpicked banking and financial service executives to discuss a highly topical issue at a time of unprecedented uncertainty.

We anticipate this will be a highly popular event. Spaces will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis - don’t hesitate to secure your place at the table.

RSVP by 27th January 2023; simply email me at

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