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Meet W2 by FullCircl at SBC Lisbon to stay ahead of looming regulation
September 24, 2024

Meet W2 by FullCircl at SBC Lisbon to stay ahead of looming regulation

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FullCircl is delighted to announce that we will be exhibiting at the highly anticipated SBC Summit 2024 in Lisbon on 24-26 September, “the greatest show in gaming”.

Stay ahead of new regulation

We’ll be on stand PP220 in the player protection zone and are looking forward to connecting with the leaders from the gambling industry to show how FullCircl can support operators in new financial vulnerability regulation.

From 30th August 2024, operators must implement light-touch vulnerability checks on their players. These need to be triggered when players have £500 net deposits in a rolling 30-day period. The checks must trigger public records for bankruptcy, CCJ, IVA, HCJ, AO, or DRO.

We have developed a financial risk solution which satisfies the need for light-touch checks by evidencing data on players including bankruptcy, CCJ, IVA, HCJ, AO, or DRO. Our solution is designed to remove friction with players whilst staying ahead of the latest regulatory guidance.

Remain compliant, keep players engaged

The need for a full compliance stack including automated KYC, AML, document verification, anti-fraud, and responsible gambling checks should be top of the priority list for compliance teams.

W2 by FullCircl works some of the biggest gambling operators including Entain, Novibet, and Fitzdares to satisfy their pain points in balancing revenue generation with player protection.

2 companies, 1 goal

In August 2023, FullCircl acquired identity verification platform provider, W2 Global Data.

Since then, we’ve been working tirelessly to combine resources and technology to create a full suite of identity verification and safer gambling tools to tackle many of the challenges facing compliance teams in 2024 and beyond.

The combined entity boasts comprehensive coverage including:

  • Identity verification in 246 countries & territories
  • Data on 365,000,000 entities
  • 300,000,000 identity checks performed per month
  • 6000+ identity documents supported
  • API integration including a 99.9% uptime

We hope to see you at SBC Lisbon

Come and visit W2 by FullCircl on stand PP220 in the player protection zone to find out more about our financial vulnerability checks and full suite of IDV software.

Our team will guide you through how to stay ahead of the light-touch checks and enhanced checks set for implementation between 30thAugust 2024 and 31st March 2025.

You can book a demo before the event here. Or, check out our latest blog on the newest gambling act changes here.

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