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Register For New BIBA x FullCircl Webinars
February 11, 2024

Register For New BIBA x FullCircl Webinars

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How insurance brokers can leverage the power of LinkedIn to support and grow their client base.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool in the insurance broker toolbox. Done right it can grow networks, increase brand awareness, generate new leads, initiate timely engagement with clients, prospects and industry thought leaders, and increase revenue.

But too often, busy brokers find it difficult to justify the time investment required to build and maintain a successful presence on LinkedIn. That's why BIBA and FullCircl have teamed up to help brokers develop and maintain a strong LinkedIn presence and drive more value from this useful tool.

We're set to host two LinkedIn focussed BIBA Schemes and Facilities webinars:

Join these free interactive member sessions and not only will you earn valuable CII accredited CPD points, but you'll learn how to:

  • Become proficient in building and maintaining a strong LinkedIn profile.
  • Develop effective LinkedIn sales and marketing practices.
  • Identify and action new opportunities for business development and enhancing client relationships.

For more information and to register for these webinars simply click here.

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