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FullCircl set to take centre stage stage at the Transform Finance FinCrime and Cybersecurity Summit in London
March 14, 2024

FullCircl set to take centre stage stage at the Transform Finance FinCrime and Cybersecurity Summit in London

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On 14th & 15th March 2024, FullCircl will join some of the UK’s leading financial crime thought leaders to share our expertise and key insights into the best practice Anti-Money Laundering (AML), compliance, and anti-fraud strategies helping financial institutions gain competitive advantage.

KYC in 2024: Riding the wave of compliance in an ocean of regulatory pressure

On day one, Warren Russell, our EVP Identity Solutions, will take to the main stage to discuss how financial institutions (FIs) can look to technology to ensure compliance at a time when the UK and European regulatory landscape is becoming ever-more complex.  

Balancing the need for KYC compliance whilst managing customer expectation, Warren will be joined by a range of compliance thought leaders from the payments sector to explore the potentially prominent role AI might play in the KYC process, the future of compliance and how FI’s can stay ahead of regulation.  

Join this interactive session to learn:

  • Why KYC is becoming more complex
  • Rising customer expectations for seamless onboarding
  • Digital identity developments and their impact on identity verification
  • How FI’s can comply with regulation

Striking the right balance: User-friendly onboarding in a regulated environment

With customer onboarding at an all-time high, Ben Lachenal, Enterprise Account Manager at FullCircl, will chair a roundtable discussion on how FIs can provide a frictionless customer experience, whilst keeping a keen eye on security and regulation.

Stay current with the cutting edge FinCrime developments

The two-day event is an exclusive gathering of 400+ financial crime thought leaders.

Come along and benefit from unmatched expertise and innovative insights into managing dynamic and swiftly changing threats, as well as diverse and valuable perspectives on maintaining security, compliance, competitiveness, and innovation.  

It’s a must-attend event for compliance professionals seeking to guide their organisations through the current challenges and capitalise on the growth opportunities made possible by cutting edge development in AML and anti-fraud innovations.

Join us for an immersive experience

Come and visit FullCircl to find out more about our platform and range of AML and anti-fraud software.

Our team will guide you through how your organisation can boost its capacity and capability to combat crime in a world of regulatory and political change by unifying global sanctions, PEPs, and adverse media through a single access point, as well as prevent money laundering at initial onboarding, through screening and monitoring, and at point of payment transactions.

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