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nCino + FullCircl SmartOnboard Integration

We understand that acquiring new business and retaining clients are two of the most important aspects for any broker. That’s why we’ve developed Smart Broker, which provides the information you need to succeed.  

Smart Broker empowers brokers with rich, contextualised company information on every business in the UK and Ireland and increases sales distribution capacity. By leveraging data-driven insights, brokers can identify new opportunities and build strong, long-term relationships that drive growth and revenue.

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FullCircl SmartBrokerTM + Acturis

Helping banks grasp the SME growth opportunity

FullCircl has partnered with nCino, the Banking Operating System built by bankers for bankers, to improve the speed, efficiency, and profitability with which banks acquire, onboard, and serve SME customers.

Customer lifecycle management

Supercharge onboarding

Eliminate manual tasks and duplication to cut onboarding times from weeks to minutes, whilst also enhancing the customer experience.

Customer engagement metrics

Improve efficiency

Enhance the operational efficiency of your credit practices through better collaboration, tasks automation and digitalisation of manual and paper-based processes.

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Increase commercial opportunities

Stay on top of changes to a customer’s information at all times and deliver more tangible, commercially-beneficial outcomes for SMEs. Let your front office spend more time building relationships with their customers.

FullCircl customer promise

Reduce cost to serve

Remove friction, reduce cost, and realise more benefits for staff and the customers they serve, through the consolidation of your legacy systems in a single platform.

FullCircl customer promise

Reduce risk and increase value

Collect and consolidate data on a single platform, spot issues and act on opportunities that help build, strengthen, and expand customer relationships.

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Client-facing overview

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Discover the benefits of SmartOnboard

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Reduce manual effort and costs

Surface actionable insights from multiple data sources through a single platform to save time and lower costs.

Spot risks sooner

Quickly view full company profiles and risk flags to identify onboarding challenges before you establish a business relationship.

Stay on top of compliance requirements

Perform KYC, KYB and AML checks by screening against PEPs, Sanctions, Adverse Media, and Credit.

Improve customer experience

Build trust from the very first conversation and accelerate the onboarding journey, without cutting corners.

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“The chief advantage for the onboarding team of using third-party insights has been efficiency. Whereas before they relied on manual data gathering, either via Companies House, creating reports or having clients fill in forms, they can now pull the information they need instantly and verify it.”

Katie Ives
Head of Digital Onboarding, Santander UK

Ready to see SmartOnboard + nCino in action?

Discover a smarter way to acquire new business and build long-term client relationships with FullCircl SmartOnboard+ nCino. Contact your account manager today.