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FullCircl Continues to Reimagine Prospecting for Regulated Businesses
April 3, 2024

FullCircl Continues to Reimagine Prospecting for Regulated Businesses

FullCircl Continues to Reimagine Prospecting for Regulated Businesses

London, 3rd April 2024  FullCircl, a UK-based SaaS platform that automates the verification of global businesses and individuals, has announced the launch of ‘Find Companies’, its reimagined prospecting tool designed to help regulated businesses build an intelligent prospecting strategy for today’s dynamic market.

Too many regulated businesses continue to face significant challenges when it comes to prospecting – difficulty finding and prioritising targets, siloed working practices, limited insights and reporting, lack of automation.  According to a report by McKinsey last year, corporate and commercial banks are still struggling with customer acquisition, thereby leaving considerable revenue on the table. A pattern that is repeated across the broader financial services and professional services sectors.

FullCircl has always been a leader in prospecting and sales intelligence, helping regulated businesses find, qualify, and close the highest-value opportunities for meaningful growth and competitive advantage.  ‘Find Companies’ reimagines prospecting for 2024, with new tools including:

  • Advanced search features for laser focussed precision
  • A wide range of filters that aid pre-qualification in line with risk appetite
  • Boolean logic for the creation of highly customised search capabilities
  • Customised results reporting for sophisticated personalised outreach
  • Team collaboration functionality
  • Intuitive user interface

Speaking about the launch, Shazia Anthony, Senior Product Marketing Manager at FullCircl commented:  

“We continue to evolve our proposition to meet the next generation needs of our users.  Find Companies takes prospecting to a new level, solving the biggest acquisition challenges regulated business face in today’s dynamic market, saving them time, and ensuring they uncover new opportunities like never before.”

In addition to Find Companies, FullCircl has also kicked off the new year with a comprehensive update to the user interface of its entire platform and new API documentation.  

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