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W2 Announces Partnership With Sodexo Engage To Boost Data Integrity for Onboarding
September 28, 2021

W2 Announces Partnership With Sodexo Engage To Boost Data Integrity for Onboarding

W2 announces partnership with Sodexo Engage to boost data integrity for onboarding

W2, a leading UK provider of regulatory compliance software, have today announced a strategic partnership with Sodexo Engage, who offer quality of life services to a multitude of industries.

The partnership will see Sodexo Engage using an array of W2 services including Know Your Business (KYB), AML, eKYC and email validation. All of these services will be consumed through the W2 SalesForce widget, allowing them to reduce manual processes, experience a single customer view and remain compliant.

The partnership will enable Sodexo Engage to have access to W2’s KYB + Credit service to obtain business reports which will provide credit checks, risk ratings, credit worthiness and a number of other data indicators on their end clients. The service will also be used during the sales prospecting stage to allow Sodexo to vet prospects ensuring their validity and the opportunities they are working on are legitimate.

“We are thrilled to be announcing our partnership with Sodexo Engage” commented Warren Russell, EVP of Identity Solutions at W2. “Sodexo Engage came to us with a clear requirement for screening their clients and prospects to achieve a single customer view with data accuracy at the forefront of their need. Not only achieving that but doing so through the most simplified way possible is what we have been working with them to achieve. We are now confident we have developed a custom, seamless solution for their business and their requirements.”

Automation is key for Sodexo Engage. With the amount of clients they work with on a day to day basis, using both data and technology within the credit decisioning process is going to be the main benefit to them, and W2’s tech team have been working tirelessly to develop a workflow fit to their specific needs, whilst providing strength in the data they are consuming.

Simon Nicklin, Director at Sodexo Engage commented “Automation, data and compliance remain key for us as we continually focus on improving the way we deliver our services. We are delighted to be working alongside W2 as a Strategic Partner in order to achieve just this.”

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