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W2 And Dialect Communications Team Up For Mutual Benefit
July 19, 2022

W2 And Dialect Communications Team Up For Mutual Benefit

W2 and Dialect Communications team up for mutual benefit

W2, leading provider of regulatory compliance software today announces a mutual partnership with Dialect Communications, who offer a cloud based multi-lingual omnichannel customer experience solution for the fintech industry.

W2 and Dialect not only share many of the same type of clientele with growing FinTech businesses being a key focus for both, but also many of the same values when it comes to focusing on ensuring that customer experience is at the core of their value propositions, so the synergies involved meant the partnership was a perfect fit.

The partnership has been put in place to ensure that both clients and prospects of W2 and Dialect can remove the complex process of finding a RegTech provider and a customer experience partner. The two companies also plan on further collaboration on industry hot topics and key issues within the sector at present.

Lynsey Hoxha, Head of Channel Partnerships at W2 commented “I’m thrilled that we are announcing our newest member of W2’s Partner Network with Dialect. They have a really interesting and unique business model, and the fact that customer experience is valued the most really resonated with the work we do at W2. I look forward to working with them closely.”

Neil Wake, CEO at Dialect added “The new partnership is a fantastic opportunity for Dialect to work with W2. W2 provides excellent services for start-ups to scale up businesses and has a great reputation across the industry.  We are delighted to form this new partnership and Dialect Communications is looking forward to working in close collaboration with W2.”

About Dialect

Dialect are reinventing customer experiences for FinTech's by offering a true omnichannel solution to clients and their end users.  Dialect is a niche BPO which is focused on delivering the very best CX experience 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  We seamlessly support interactions across multiple channels including voice, chat, email, AI/Chatbot, instant messaging and social media with an ethos that not one solutions fits all and customization is personalization is core to our service offering.

Dialect offer multilingual support currently supporting interactions in a range of languages including; English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic and Polish with the list increasing.  An exciting development in the Dialect product roadmap is the development of “Multilect” our live chat solution that supports 75 languages without the need for native language speakers to handle queries.

Dialect work with a wide range of clients across the UK, Europe and the US supporting a global offering leveraging our state of the art cloud based technology coupled with our highly experienced team.

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