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New Platform User Interface
February 2024

New Platform User Interface

We are excited to announce a comprehensive update to the user interface with new features and more insights to enhance your experience.

We are excited to announce a comprehensive update to the user interface with new features and more insights to enhance your experience.

Let’s delve into the changes across various sections.

Company page

Briefing tab: The Briefing tab now includes a company logo accompanying the name and a convenient ‘Report’ button to download company information in a PDF format. Trend lines have also been added to get a quick glance at the financial information of a company.

Engagement Signals: View the last six Engagement Signals (increased from three), with additional information displaying percentage changes for a more nuanced understanding.

Tabs and information: Tabs have been replaced with a streamlined quick overview of company, finance, and credit, providing a more efficient and user-friendly interface.

Notes have been removed to ensure that the most important and relevant information is displayed on the Briefing page.

Social Tab: Twitter plugin has been temporarily removed.


Company Briefing page

Data tab

Address: We’ve added all trading addresses and an additional map view feature. Click on any address to see its location on the map and link through to street view.


Multiple trading addresses

Financials: Experience a wealth of financial data with an expanded five years’ worth of information, inclusive of Year-on-Year comparisons and percentage changes for a more comprehensive financial overview.

Five years' worth of data

Credit Risk: A new and improved Credit Risk view allows users to seamlessly switch between graph and table views, presenting information in the format that best suits your needs. A download report button has been added to enable users to create a PDF report to include the information they want to appear in the report.


Graph and table view

CCJ and Legal Notices: Formerly known as Legal, the tab is now labelled CCJ & Legal Notices.


CCJ & Legal Notices

Ownership: The Ownership tab has been improved to include Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBO) and Persons of Significant Control (PSC), conveniently grouped together for a more insightful analysis.


Improved Ownership tab

Shareholders: Dive into Shareholders data through a dedicated tab, featuring an updated data format based on user feedback, presented in both table and pie chart views.


Table and pie chart view

Corporate Structure: Previously Corporate Family Tree, the Corporate Structure tab has been renamed to Corporate Structure.


Corporate Structure tab

In addition, the data sections have been reordered to group together sections that are related to each other.