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Digitisation in Insurance

Digitisation in Insurance

How to use data and technology to build a more customer-centric future

The last few years of mass upheaval on an unprecedented scale has seen insurance businesses demonstrate remarkable flexibility and resilience in overcoming a host of obstacles. But the future landscape is fraught with new challenges meaning vast changes are still needed and the window to make them is shrinking.  

Meanwhile, SME businesses too remain concerned for their future, but are keen to rise to the challenges and opportunities in order to adapt to economic changes and stay ahead of the competition. The challenge for insurance companies is how they respond to meet these needs and support the right businesses.

Here’s what the future of insurance looks like, according to the people helping to shape it.

What you'll learn:

The State of Play
Market challenges and opportunities, including the impact of underinsurance on SMEs
Accelerating the shift to digital
Why it is essential for insurers to embrace new technology to keep ahead
The next generation of Insuretech
How to gain the Customer Lifecycle Intelligence advantage by leveraging Insuretech 2.0
A customer-centric future
Why leveraging insurtech puts customer experience at the forefront

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This whitepaper is designed for brokers and insurers interested in using data and technology to build a more customer-centric future.

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