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Managing Underinsurance with Confidence: Practical Strategies for Insurance Professionals

Managing Underinsurance with Confidence: Practical Strategies for Insurance Professionals

According to Aviva, up to 50% of all UK businesses are underinsured, representing a huge risk for businesses and the insurance sector.

Join Ashleigh Gwilliam, Insurance Success Director at FullCircl, and Jason Chambers, Head of Underwriting Transformation at Aviva, as they delve into this topic and provide valuable insights on managing this risk.

During this discussion, Jason shares key findings from Aviva's YouGov report, highlighting the current state of underinsurance and the company's investment in digital infrastructure to assist brokers and clients in addressing this issue. Jason also reveals how leading brokers are using data in innovative ways to gain a deeper understanding of the risks each customer poses, and outlines the crucial data sources and financial information that Aviva relies on.

Listen now to gain valuable insights on:

The current state of underinsurance
How Aviva is enhancing its digital infrastructure to support its brokers and clients in tackling underinsurance
The areas where Aviva is experiencing the highest demand for underinsurance solutions
How Aviva leverages FullCircl to help brokers prepare for conversations with clients on underinsurance

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