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Automate your policies with enriched customer intelligence and a powerful, customisable rules engine.

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It’s time to make your own rules

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Automated pre-screening of prospects

Reduce cost to acquire and serve

Increase speed and efficiency by automating manual effort, including when pre-screening potential customers

Immediate risk profile assessment

Immediate risk profile assessment

Quickly understand who, how and when to serve customers based on their attributes and risk profile

Engagament throughout the customer lifecycle

Customer intimacy at scale

Build digital journeys that fit the needs of different customer types, and support them at the right time with the right message

Automated rules for credit and risk

Consistent and transparent policies

Codify your policies for credit and risk by applying automation rules to data at the point of need

Better decisions in a fraction of the time

Arm your team members with a rules engine ready to be customised to the needs of specific customer types. Powered by rich, real-time business intelligence, it’s the easiest way to deliver maximum impact when it matters most.

Reduce customer acquisition cost
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Eliminate costly errors

Automate time-consuming tasks, eliminate duplications and streamline consistency checks while reducing your cost of acquisition and service.

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Enhance customer relationships

Provide fast, frictionless onboarding that puts prospective customers at the heart of the process while meeting compliance and audit expectations.

Enhance customer relationships with frictionless onboarding
Define rules based on your business needs
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Go deeper

Define rules that speak to the different needs of certain customer types and enable your team to process the information that matters, at pace.

Features 1 (3-column)

Why it works

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Accelerate onboarding with automated KYC and AML checks

Operational efficiency at scale

Enrich your workflows with everything from KYC and AML checks, to accelerated onboarding journeys, to advanced customer monitoring

Empower your teams with your own rules

You make the rules

Empower your teams to work in a way that suits them best with rules designed by you, for you, and supported by FullCircl's framework

Real-time regulation risk management and compliance

Assess risk in real-time

Stay one step ahead of changes as they occur by streamlining regulatory checks – without the need for a complex rules engine

Integrate FullCircl into your own system

Integrate with your own system

Powered by our development toolkit, you can easily integrate FullCircl with your own solutions – and develop applications that do, too


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