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FullCircl-Umazi Partnership Overview
July 2023

FullCircl-Umazi Partnership Overview

Improve your compliance process with more streamlined and continuously updated customer due diligence

Improve your compliance process with more streamlined and continuously updated customer due diligence

It’s a challenge to gain a deeper understanding of customers proactively, especially in the face of increased regulatory requirements and customer demands for smoother onboarding and improved in-life experiences. FullCircl has joined forces with enterprise digital identity provider, Umazi, to set a new standard for KYC and AML due diligence, facilitating a more streamlined and robust continuous compliance process.

How does this partnership help customers?

  • How does this partnership help customers?
  • Consistency of decision making
  • Improved efficiency in AML and KYC remediation activities
  • Proactive risk mitigation

How it works

This unique partnership combines Umazi’s open-source permissioned blockchain platform, with FullCircl’s Business Information Graph (B.I.G) to surface unique insights for advanced validation and verification at scale including:

  • Identity verification
  • Global and country specific due diligence
  • Document collection
  • Risk and compliance data
  • Sanctions and political screening
  • Reputational risk data

Why choose us?

FullCircl has a long-standing reputation for helping regulated businesses find, onboard, and keep the right customers, whilst Umazi’s pioneering digital ledger technology creates re-usable and proactively updated identities.

A game changer for continuous compliance, this partnership aims to facilitate the ability to:

Win the right customers

Improved assurance reducing cost to acquire whilst boosting profitability

Accelerate onboarding

Rapid acquisition of validated customer data to reduce risk whilst improving the customer experience

Keep for life

Continuous compliance proactively reduces the burden of remediation whilst enhancing in-life customer experience

What are you waiting for?

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you engage the right business customers, onboard them quickly and keep them for life.

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