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Introducing the FullCircl Rules Engine
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July 2023

Introducing the FullCircl Rules Engine

Automate key aspects of your business process by applying configurable rules to premium data sources, powered by FullCircl.

Our A.I. your business rules

With countless pre-built and custom rules and the richest sources of business data you can create a platform that delivers maximum impact where it matters most. At your f ront-line. With our Rules Engine  you can automate everything f rom KYC and AML checks, to advanced customer monitoring and even automated insurance underwriting.

  1. Combine millions of variables faster than any human can to spot risks and opportunities
  2. Save your front-line teams precious time to focus on the tasks that deliver the most value
  3. Highly configurable rules engine
  4. Combine FullCircl data with your existing specialist data

Automation you control

  • A platform uniquely tailored to your business and your goals
  • Configured by your subject experts, leveraged by your front-line teams

Are you ready for complete, customised control?

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you to automate your policies with enriched customer intelligence and a powerful, customisable rules engine.

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