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SmartAcquire Overview
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May 2024

SmartAcquire Overview

SmartAcquire delivers actionable insights, enabling personalised strategies that boost acquistion, customer loyalty and drive growth.

Transform your approach to customer acquisition, growth and retention

SmartAcquire delivers actionable insights, enabling personalised strategies that boost acquisition, customer loyalty and drive growth. SmartAcquire has been developed for B2B sales, business development and relationship management teams.

Benefits of SmartAcquire

Improve prospecting

Segment the market based on90 filters in 10 different groups, create watchlists and alerts based on the information that signals to you that they're ready to buy.

Save time researching companies

Get a snapshot of any business, including growth indicators, the company's size, key influencers and financial information, within minutes.

Enhance customer growth

Daily alerts and contextual news give you the insight to proactively engage with customers with tailored products and offers to match their latest challenges.

Stay ahead of the competition

Gain a competitive advantage by staying attuned to shifts in customer behaviour and needs, enabling you to tailor outreach to match customer requirements.

SmartAcquire features and data

Advanced company prospecting

Search through over 5 million companies in the UK and Ireland. Use our complex firmographic search filters to search by industry sector, location by postcode and employee number for more accurate matching.

Engagement signals

Receive alerts about critical changes identified to your customers and the Next Best Actions to take on an account to help foster stronger relationships built on trust and personalised service.


Get access to contextual and actionable news and social insights to maximise every relationship - 60,000 global sources covered and updated every 30 seconds, our technology processes over 2 million articles a day.

CRM integration

Integrate with your CRM solution to augment opportunities with real-time news, social media and people insights.

Number of employees

Understand a company's current size and target your products and services to businesses that are most likely to benefit. Changes in the number of employees can indicate whether the business is growing or facing challenges.

Changes in management

Be aware of management and changes to support effective prospecting and business growth. Adapt your approach, build relationships, and position your offerings to resonate with the current leadership's objectives and preferences.

Ultimate Beneficial Ownership

Identify UBOs to help assess risks, tailors offerings and build long-term relationships.

Group structure

View a visual representation of national and international linkages and subsidiaries and identify potential cross-sell opportunities.

If you'd like to learn more about FullCircl's SmartAcquire, book a free demonstration here.

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