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Reflecting on the launch of FullCircl – Better Business, Faster
March 17, 2022

Reflecting on the launch of FullCircl – Better Business, Faster

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On 17th March 2022 FullCircl held an executive launch party to celebrate the unveiling of our new brand identity and uniquely differentiated customer lifecycle intelligence market proposition.

Marking such a huge milestone in the evolution of our business required an iconic venue, and the Tower Bridge Walkway did not disappoint. Our guests were treated to breath-taking panoramic views from 42 metres above the River Thames as the sun set.  

We were also delighted to be joined by speaker Richard Mullender, Founder of The Listening Institute and Former Lead Hostage Negotiation Trainer for Met Police, was also a huge hit. Richard challenged us all to understand the drivers behind clients' and colleagues’ attitudes and behaviour and how to harness the power of elite listening skills to uncover their true agendas and influence outcomes.

Reflecting on this milestone event,  here’s a snapshot of what we learned…

Transforming information into intelligence

Elite-level listeners have mastered the art of listening with heightened awareness. They listen to uncover key motivators, value drivers and levers, right down to specific keywords that can be used to persuade, influence, problem solve and sell solutions. By transforming information into intelligence, we can understand the people we are talking to quickly and leverage this knowledge to:

  • Understand the drivers behind customer attitudes and behaviour
  • Uncover the customer agenda
  • Use unique insights to influence behaviour – both our own and the customer’s

If you’re an existing FullCircl customer this will sound very familiar.

The Customer Lifecycle Intelligence advantage

Customer Lifecycle Intelligence (CLI)  by FullCircl brings together:

To help you:

  • Win the right customers - find, engage, and win the right customers for your business, products, and risk appetite
  • Accelerate onboarding - fast, frictionless onboarding with automated AML, KYC and Credit checks that surpass both customer and compliance expectations
  • Keep customers for life - Deliver proactive in-life customer care as new risks and opportunities emerge

All within one platform!

What makes us unique?

  • We are the only platform that goes FullCircl - The only technology partner who can help you find, onboard and retain the right customers for life
  • Proven CLI platform advantage - Easy to configure, fast time to value across digital and human channels, delivering super-connected data and engagement insights
  • We invest in your success - Proven enablement program to get you to value quickly and ensure you stay there

What could Customer Lifecycle Intelligence do for your business?

  • Billions of data points ingested, and 270 million connections delivered every day.
  • 300% more finance ready leads generated.
  • 150 ways to segment Total Addressable Market.
  • Cost to acquire and serve reduced by 80%.
  • 10% uplift in sales distribution capacity.
  • Deals closed 80% faster.
  • Average order value increased by 50%.
  • Onboarding time reduced by 94%.
  • Onboarding efficiency improved by 25%.

Contact us today for a demo and to discuss how CLI can help you do Better Business, Faster.

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