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Why Did We Create FullCircl?
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July 2023

Why Did We Create FullCircl?

We created FullCircl to solve 3 big challenges we see for the regulated industry sectors we serve

Why FullCircl?

We created FullCircl to solve 3 big challenges we see for the regulated industry sector we serve

  1. Customers expecting more
  2. Competition from challengers
  3. Spiralling regulation & cost to serve

Win the right customers

The tools you need to profile your market and engage top targets with rich insight on more than 5 million businesses in the UK and Ireland.

Accelerate onboarding

Access trusted information on every company to create a frictionless onboarding journey that satisfies both customer and compliance expectations.

Keep for life

Spot issues and opportunities through engagement signals that help you build, strengthen and expand customer relationships over time.

B.I.G. & API

Super-connected enriched-data and insights on companies and the officers inside them – updated daily.

Rules Based Decision-Engine

Configurable, low-code decision engine to screen and onboard in seconds based on your specific risk profiles.

Monitoring and Business Development

Continuous monitoring and timely intelligence for proactive first engagement and remediation.

A customer-connected future

  • Complexity is SIMPLIFIED
  • COST to serve is REDUCED
  • You really KNOW your customers
  • Compliance is ASSURED
  • Your customers genuinely TRUST you
  • Sustainability is  EMBEDDED

We started working with FullCircl to explore ways we could introduce greater efficiency to the customer onboarding journey. We loved the idea of being able to aggregate data from a number of different sources and map our risk appetite to FullCircl’s rules framework to flag issues immediately. The result meant we could deliver a process which in some cases was 94% quicker than our existing process.

        Ronan Heeran, Financial Crime Risk & Control Manager at Metro Bank

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