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Companies House
Updated on:
July 19, 2023

Companies House

Companies House is the United Kingdom's registrar of companies, responsible for incorporating and dissolving limited companies, as well as storing and making available public information about these companies.

  • Companies House is the UK's registrar of companies.
  • It is responsible for incorporating and dissolving limited companies.
  • Companies House stores and makes available public information about UK companies.

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Companies House was established in 1844 and has since become a valuable resource for those who want to research and understand UK companies. It is an executive agency of the UK Government's Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). Companies House maintains the official register of UK companies, including details about their directors, shareholders, and company accounts. This information is publicly available and can be accessed by anyone, allowing for transparency in the business sector.

In addition to registering and maintaining records of companies, Companies House also plays an important role in enforcing regulations related to corporate transparency and compliance. This includes ensuring that companies file accurate and timely information, investigating and prosecuting companies that fail to comply with regulations, and sharing data with other government agencies and law enforcement bodies. Companies House is an essential component of the UK's business landscape, providing transparency, accountability, and trust in the corporate world.

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