Onboarding, supercharged

Easily implement your policies with our rules engine and onboard business customers up to 94% faster with automated KYC, AML and credit checks.

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Keep your customers and compliance team happy

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Automate customer onboarding

Reduce manual efforts

Save time and lower costs by pre-populating onboarding forms based on enriched information from official sources

Automate compliance policies

Automate compliance policies

Set rules to ensure consistent application of compliance and risk policies – with less manual intervention

Identify ultimate beneficial owner

Reduce cost to onboard

No matter how complex the business, identify the Ultimate Beneficial Owners in seconds to save valuable time while reducing friction

Spot risks sooner with Business Information Graph (B.I.G.)

Spot risks sooner

Use the Business Information Graph (B.I.G.) to get a more holistic view of risk, connecting the dots across real-time financial and credit information

Putting the customer first with every single application

FullCircl enables you to definitively provide fast, frictionless onboarding that puts your customers at the heart of the process – whilst reducing costs, and improving compliance, too.

Company Group Graph from FullCircl
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A 360° view of prospective customers

Powered by intelligence from verified and validated sources, FullCircl helps to unlock the context you won’t find anywhere else – and then maps it for you.

Shareholders, group structure, ultimate beneficial owners and more, all in one place and easy to analyse.

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Spot red flags immediately

Identify key events like CCJs or Gazette notices immediately by checking potential customers against global PEP and sanctions lists.

Access detailed financial and historical company documents to ensure nothing is missed at any stage of the onboarding.

Pre screening and continuous compliance with FullCircl
Real time risk assessment
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Assess risk in real-time

Your approach to risk should be proactive, not reactive.

Stay one step ahead of changes as they occur using a real-time customer lifecycle intelligence model that delivers accurate, actionable insights on your entire prospect and client networks.

Features 1 (3-column)

Why it works

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Efficient onboarding for better customer experience

Customer experience that sets you apart

Pre-populate your customer’s application using timely information from official sources

KYC, AML and credit information

Look inside

Seamlessly gather all required KYC, AML and credit information in one fell swoop

Complete view of company structure

Go deeper

Understand connections between directors, shareholders and group companies up to the Ultimate Beneficial Owner

Industry leading Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Up to date and always on

We refresh our information up to three times per day and have the industry’s leading Service Level Agreement for service you can trust

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What our clients are saying

“We started working with FullCircl to explore ways we could introduce greater efficiency to the customer onboarding journey. We loved the idea of being able to aggregate data from a number of different sources and map our risk appetite to FullCircl’s rules framework to flag issues immediately. The result meant we could deliver a process which in some cases was 94% quicker than our existing process.”

Ronan Heeran

Financial Crime Risk & Control Manager, Metro Bank