Keep your customers for life

Identify and mitigate risks sooner, improve customer retention and increase upsell opportunities with FullCircl’s in-life monitoring.

Join more than 600 companies like yours using FullCircl to monitor their customers proactively, not reactively

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Reduce the cost to serve

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Continuous compliance

Transform your risk engine as mitigation moves from reactive, to proactive, to predictive

Maintain customer trust

Provide high-value, in-life support to strengthen customer relationships as sector-wide competition intensifies

Reduce remediation costs

Use rules and lists to define terms for automated screenings to improve speed and efficiency

Identify real upsell opportunities

Launch proactive and targeted customer outreach to deliver the right message, via the right channel, at the right time

Keep pace with your customers

Digital expectations are accelerating faster than ever. Competition is fierce, and your customers now expect more. FullCircl can help you deliver.

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Say goodbye to expensive remediation

Get the information you need served directly to you, rather than wasting valuable resources conducting the research yourself.
Remediation costs remain mitigated, and you stay fully compliant with industry regulations.

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Approach new targets with confidence

Complete pipeline visibility means new opportunities can be identified far easier, and at less expense.
As market shifts occur, you remain one step ahead and able to deepen your investment, offer new services or broaden your cover.

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An intimate relationship with your customers

Build trust and loyalty with frictionless onboarding and high-value, in-life support.
Power your customer intelligence with enriched information, automate manual tasks and provide touchpoints in the exact moment of need.

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Why it works

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A proactive approach to protection

Set up custom alerts to automatically notify you of any changes to client credit scores, adverse media or other red flags

A 360° view of every business

Understand the full story behind every business with daily updates centred around your interests, allowing you to price accurately and assess risk accordingly

Spot red flags immediately

Access and download detailed reports like CCJs or Gazette notices, and check potential customers against global PEP and sanctions lists to ensure you aren’t exposed to unnecessary risk

Make the right decisions, faster

By automating the pre-screening of companies, you’ll have faster access to the companies and third parties that meet your criteria – and avoid those that don’t

Become digital future ready

Find out how Customer Lifecycle Intelligence can help every Bank & Financial institution become digital future ready


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