Make every customer your best customer

Pinpoint your best prospects with ease.
FullCircl helps you acquire more of the right business customers with less effort in less time.

Join more than 600 companies like yours using FullCircl to engage with the right customers every single day

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Improve your cost to acquire

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Size your market

Get a complete view of the markets that matter to you and increase qualified opportunities. Close deals 86% faster.

Identify the best customers

Segment your Total Addressable Market (TAM) based on the attributes of your most profitable customers

Say the right thing

Today’s customers demand a personal touch. Use our real-time engagement signals  so you know the right thing to say at the right time

Reduce the cost to acquire

Give your team the tools they need to excel. Improve the quality and velocity of your outbound efforts

Give your team that vital edge

The difference between a profitable customer and an unprofitable customer is shrinking by the day.
FullCircl uses sophisticated data matching combined with real-time updates to deliver the richest and timely insight on UK and Irish companies.

And, with rules that help you pre-screen customers for suitability, you can be confident your team is always efficiently pursuing the best opportunities out there.

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Your market, defined

Quickly identify opportunities with companies that look like your best customers.

Access a consolidated view of every UK and Irish company, director and shareholder with insight you can’t find anywhere else.

Plus, visually explore company hierarchies; drill into group structures to understand parents, subsidiaries and discover international linkages.

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Right place. Right time. Always

Timing is everything, and businesses are changing every day.
Real-time updates mean that, when key moments – like mergers, management changes or new investment – occur, you’ll know the minute they’re announced.

How each moment impacts risk is also flagged with colour coded triggers.

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Stay one step ahead

FullCircl’s monitoring capability means your team is always in the know.

Updated as many as three times per day, our Business Information Graph (B.I.G.) feeds your team updates on the company events that matter most, ensuring your team is always on the front foot.

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Why it works

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Superior insight

We match and enrich information from official and unstructured sources, ensuring you have the most comprehensive view possible

Up-to-date and always on

Our sources update up to three times a day, helping you stay ahead of changes in your customer base

Intuitive and easy to use

Effortlessly search, filter, segment and analyse information on every company, director and shareholder in the UK & Ireland

Invested in your success

We match the industry’s best Service Level Agreement (SLA) with free training and enablement for life, so your team performs at its best

Become digital future ready

Find out how Customer Lifecycle Intelligence can help every bank & financial institution become digital future ready


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