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A Guide to Continuous Updates
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July 2023

A Guide to Continuous Updates

Engage proactively with customers as new risks and opportunities emerge. Monitor changes to a customer’s information throughout the entire lifecycle.

In-life monitoring

Recognise when there are changes to company status, officer appointments, newly filed financials, changes to the number of employees or modifications to existing addresses or the adding of new ones. Now you can be more proactive with your in-life monitoring and identify new opportunities for growth within your existing customer base.

  1. How to identify upsell opportunities
  2. How to ensure you always have the right information about all your customers
  3. Engage in much more meaningful conversations or even reach out proactively
  4. How to stay ahead of potential risk and eliminate costly remediation

Always up to date

  • Mitigate remediation costs and remain fully compliant with industry regulations
  • Stay up with the pace of change in the market and immediately identify new opportunities to deepen your investment

See what continuous compliance really looks like

Contact us today to monitor every single change to a customer’s information at any point throughout the relationship lifecycle.

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