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Digital intelligence for better broking in the modern age
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July 2023

Digital intelligence for better broking in the modern age

Sharpen your focus on the companies that fit your brokerage’s specialisms or verticals

As growth accelerates, the right decisions on who to sell to – and how – need to be made, and at pace.

FullCircl empowers your team with rich, contextualised company information on every business in the UK and Ireland, and increases your sales distribution capacity by 10x.

Align your pipeline targeting with sector specialism and vertical integration to unlock complete clarity on your market – meaning you won’t just go to market. You’ll own it.Whatever your role, FullCircl’s Customer Lifecycle Intelligence (CLI) can support you.

CLI for Commercial Lines Insurance Brokers

Win the right customers

  • Equip frontline team with apps
  • Discover opportunities to expand
  • Find connected businesses
  • Leverage best growth opportunities
  • Identify and increase profitable risk
  • Discover propensity to bind

Accelerate onboarding

  • Straight through onboarding for digital propositions
  • Reduce question sets
  • Automated decision-making (STP)

Keep for life

  • Equip account handlers with monitoring apps
  • Proactive MTAs
  • Avoid underinsurance
  • Enrich pricing and risk modelling

FullCircl ‘Customer For Life Guarantee’

Unlimited Training

FullCircl has always prided itself on being more than a technology provider, offering a vast suite of face-to-face and digital training options, as well as fully bespoke solutions for customers with unique training requirements.

Temporary Over Licence Allowance

It’s normal for people to come and go, and for others to want to try the software. So, if you go temporarily over a licence that’s fine, let’s talk about it. Every 3 months we will work with you to trim down or tune Up the over licence.

Replacement Guarantee

If someone leaves your business, we will reassign their licence and train their replacement free of charge.

Align pipeline targeting with sector specialisms and vertical integration

FullCircl holds company data on ~5m companies in the UK alone; our powerful filters allow you to narrow those companies down to a workable prospecting list.

Whether you are filtering by geographical region; business size, such as turnover or employee numbers or more industry or product specific filters such as size of fleet or property exposure – FullCircl has the tool for you.

Approach prospects and clients to offer support when they need it most

Receive insights about key changes in their world, such as management changes, award wins, contract wins & expansion or changes to their risk profile; allowing you to provide relevant support and guidance when they need it most.

FullCircl also gives you access to key industry influencers, providing you with key market insights on changes in legislation, HSE activity and potential exposures that affect your client’s business activities.

Better underwriting submissions = better quotations = increase win rate

In a hard market good broker-insurer relationships have never been more important. As commercial clients request greater comparison, how do you ensure your presentation is the one the underwriters prefer?

FullCircl can help, by providing access to key financial information; details of any previous adverse directorships (liquidations, bankruptcies etc.) and legal information, such as CCJs; combined with details of the corporate family tree, shareholdings and people data, you can ensure you produce comprehensive, full and detailed submissions every time.

Increase client retention

Don’t get blindsided by significant changes to your client’s business and risk portfolio at renewal.

FullCircl provides daily insights into changes in your client’s world, flagging potential issues and reasons to engage throughout the period of cover. Be alerted to changes in management; potential mergers and acquisitions; change of premises; relationship triggers, such as award wins; potential financial risks and opportunities.

Identify your client’s propensity for additional product lines or services

FullCircl’s daily insights into your client’s world are the perfect way to trigger the conversation about additional product lines.

Be alerted to an increase in export turnover – the perfect time to discuss marine insurance.

Clients experiencing a decrease in cash in bank? Time to discuss trade credit.

Be alerted to changes to health and safety legislation – could your client do with risk management support?

And many more.....

FullCircl is helping Marsh Commercial achieve its vision by using technology to become a customer-centric organisation capable of delivering real competitive advantage.

        Anthony Gruppo, CEO · Marsh Commercial

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