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FullCircl Engagement Signals
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July 2023

FullCircl Engagement Signals

Discover Engagement Signals and Company Briefings for bespoke client monitoring

FullCircl Engagement Signals

To remain competitive, front-line professionals need a constant supply of highly relevant intelligence and insight on their clients to facilitate advanced prospecting, customer monitoring, efficient onboarding, ongoing assessment of portfolio risks, and automated underwriting.

Engagement Signals introduce a fully configurable way of identifying critical changes within a target company using our default, or your customised, rules. These signals notify the user of Next-Best-Actions to take on an account, helping to mitigate risk, facilitate deeper client engagement and maximise growth opportunities.

Engagement Signals are surfaced through a brand new Company Briefing page which provides an immediate snapshot of a company’s health and performance, with essential information such as key financials, ownership summary (UBO), latest news and previous screening data.

As well as displaying the latest Engagement Signals within the new Company Briefing, users will be notified via email when a new Signal has been surfaced which requires their action.

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