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SmartBroker + Acturis Partnership Overview
August 2023

SmartBroker + Acturis Partnership Overview

A connected solution for brokers, insurers and MGAs providing meaningful opportunities to drive growth

A connected solution for brokers, insurers and MGAs providing meaningful opportunities to drive growth

Acturis and FullCircl are working together to provide users with rich contextualised and connected company information.

Benefits of the partnership include:

  • Efficiently identifying and winning new customers
  • Enriching customer data to save time and improve underwriting submissions
  • Running screening and onboarding checks
  • Keeping clients for life through improved in-life monitoring, resulting in elevated renewal rates and expanded upsell opportunities
  • Improving access to identification triggers, helping drive positive outcomes for your customers, improving compliance with consumer duty

Identify and win new customers

Using FullCircl SmartBrokerTM, build a list of companies that match your key prospecting criteria from company data on ~5m companies in the UK alone. Powerful filters allow you to narrow those companies down to a workable prospecting list before uploading to your Acturis platform using the Automation module.

Get company news and insights as it happens – never miss a beat

Understand the full story behind every business with daily updates centred around your interests, allowing you to identify business opportunities and assess risk accordingly.

Populate Fields and Forms in Acturis with validated Company Data

Save hours of re-keying by automating customer data collection from official and third-party sources like mainstream CRA’s, Companies House and the HMRC.

Run screening and onboarding checks

Automate processes to streamline your pre-qualification screening and onboarding journey for customers. Free up the time you need to accelerate growth and reduce customer acquisition costs.

Track company events

Monitor a company’s progress and proactively track changes that might impact the associated risk and opportunities in real time throughout the customer lifecycle based on your predefined rules.

Discover a smarter way to acquire new business and build long-term client relationships with FullCircl SmartBroker + Acturis. Contact your account manager today.

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