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W2 by FullCircl Overview
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May 2024

W2 by FullCircl Overview

W2 by FullCircl is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) to help organisations simplify the compliance process and meeting regulatory requirements.

Onboard more customers and meet regulatory requirements with automated KYC, AML, anti-fraud and identity verification solutions through an intuitive single orchestration platform.

Ensuring a smooth and efficient client onboarding process can be challenging for businesses. Stricter regulatory compliance requirements and time-consuming manual processes have become a major source of frustration for companies and their customers.

Managing diverse documents and data sources can also present significant hurdles, leading to operational inefficiencies and a suboptimal customer experience. In light of these challenges, having a single onboarding and monitoring platform that streamlines processes and ensures adherence to regulatory standards, ultimately fostering a seamless and satisfactory customer onboarding experience, becomes crucial.

Identity solutions is a single orchestration platform that automates KYC, AML, anti-fraud, and identity verification by combining multiple data sources and cleansed data, enabling easier onboarding and ongoing monitoring for risk management. The platform is available through API integration or a web portal.


480 services, 21 suppliers, 1 point of access.


200,000+ client customers onboarded annually.


300,000,000 onboarding and monitoring transactions per month.


99.9% uptime.

The platform includes services such as Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and fraud prevention due diligence. It also offers PEPs and sanctions screening, document verification, facial comparison, adverse media, and age verification.

Identity solutions is supplier agnostic, which allows you to choose which service providers you want to access and in whatever sequence makes the most economic sense to your business.

Access award-winning global verification and validation services via one simple integration:

The identity solutions platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools that support end-to-end compliance within your customer journey. This includes custom workflow creation, ongoing monitoring, audit, and remediation. The platform provides a single, intuitive point for all these tools.

We've partnered with robust global data providers to ensure clients can access reliable, up-to-date, real-time information.

Key features

  • Unique single API key
  • Workflow builder
  • Ad-hoc checks
  • Audit trail
  • Alert notifications
  • Re-alert suppression
  • Case management
  • Multi account configuration

Identity solutions benefits

Simplified integration

A straightforward integration provides access to 400+ services, reducing the complexity of dealing with multiple vendors and enabling faster time to value.

Efficient training and technical support

With one platform, you'll get access to a single point of contact for training, technical support and issue resolution, simplifying the support process.

Data quality assurance

Our platform enforces consistent quality standards, providing normalised, accurate and trustworthy data or informed decision-making and a reduced risk of errors.

Reduced compliance risks

Combine checks in one customised workflow, saving time and reducing non-compliance risk.

Cost efficiency

Our single solution can provide cost savings by eliminating dealing with multiple suppliers, often involving separate contracts, billing structures, and support agreements.

Improved customer experience

Our workflows enable quick and convenient onboarding checks to help enhance customer experience and reduce drop-offs.

Easy scalability

As your business grows, easily add additional services and increase the number of checks without further development work.

Centralised monitoring and reporting

A centralised view of your onboarding checks facilitates easier management and remediation.

To find out more about the W2 by FullCircl platform, book a free demonstration here.

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